Contest – 5 Free Promo Codes for Photo Toaster To Be Won

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Photo Toaster for iPad

5 Free Promo Codes for Photo Toaster To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Friday March 30, 2:00PM US Central

As I mentioned earlier, the excellent Photo Toaster app has had a major update to Version 3.0 today. Here’s your chance to get a free copy of this stellar app. This is my go-to app for making my photos so much better than they are when I take them, and of course it was included in our list of Best iPad Apps of 2011.

We’ve got five free promo codes for Photo Toaster to give away. Hit the break for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How To Win

– Just add a comment to this post and you’re in with a chance to win one of the iTunes gift cards.

– For a bonus entry to increase your chances, check out the Photo Toaster App Store page and tell us why the Photo Toaster app is better than your toaster at home.

That’s it. We’ll pick our winners on Friday.

Good luck to all.

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76 thoughts on “Contest – 5 Free Promo Codes for Photo Toaster To Be Won”

  1. The Photo Toaster App is better than my toaster at home because my stupid toaster at home doesn’t allow me to lighten a piece of toast when it’s too dark.

  2. Photo Toaster really IS better than my toaster at home…I just tried putting a photo in the my toaster and you would not believe the smell and the gunk! (The toast I ate after that didn’t even taste very good).

  3. I LOVE Photo Toaster! This app makes it so easy to create stunning images and really simple to post them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! My photos look stunning after I edit them with photo toaster, and they all have their own personalities! Can your toaster do that? ….. No, I didn’t think so.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to have this app, since I don’t even LIKE toast that comes out of the toaster on my counter at home.

    But I love to take pictures, and Photo Toaster looks like it would be a fun app! Much better than that burnt stuff made with wheat.

  5. Thanks for the great reviews! I’ll write my own for Photo Toaster App if I win. Clever name by the way. Thanks.

  6. Photo toaster is better than my toaster because.. well.. virtually anything is better than that burnt smelling pile of scrap.

  7. Would love this app! My home toaster’s adjustments for light/dark don’t work too well any more.

  8. Since I joined this community, I have been having to Viggle alot in order to raise funds to purchase the apps suggested by numerous sources. Thanks :)

  9. I want this so bad since reading your review! Even if I don’t win a promo code this is going to be well worth the purchase price! I’m looking forward to using it with photos uploaded from my digital camera.

  10. Photo Toaster is better than my toaster because it the brightness controls actually work better than any light/dark adjustments I make on my toaster

  11. Photo toaster is better than my toaster, which I used to think had lots of creative controls but only has five. Photo toaster has over 140 creative preset, obviously better than my toaster.

  12. Would love love love,to win this app!!!
    Sure would help, making pic perfect memory,s of my (5)cute grandkids!!!

  13. Photo toaster is better than my toaster because it can’t burn like my toaster did and I could sell my toaster anyway changing the picture color.

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