Contest: 5 Tshirts, 2 iPad Cases To Be Won

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Sync in Progress

5 Sync in Progress and Two iPad Cases To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Friday December 7, 2:00PM US Central

Since we’re well into the holiday season now, I’ll be trying my best to run quite a few giveaway contests over the next few weeks.

Today I’ve got a fun one thanks to the kind folks at We’ve got 5 of these cool ‘Sync in Progress’ tshirts to win, and two iPad cases – of the winners’ choice as well. So we’ll choose 7 random winners in total.

CafePress has a pretty extensive range of iPad cases, so winners will be spoiled for choice. Here are just a few that are listed in the Popular Today area right now:

CafePress iPad cases

And here’s all you have to do to get yourself entered:

How To Win

To enter for a chance to win you need to:

— Add a comment to this post.

— To double your chance of winning, check out the CafePress pages for the tshirt and the CafePress iPad cases and let us know why you want to win one or which case you want to win and why.

That’s it. We’ll draw 7 lucky winners on Friday. Good luck to all.

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60 thoughts on “Contest: 5 Tshirts, 2 iPad Cases To Be Won”

  1. Why I wanna win. Would appreciate it enormously. I’m subscribed to ur website and always read ur posts, hoped that helped. PICK ME.

  2. I’d love one of those tshirts! But I saw an iPad case with the “I Want to Believe” X-Files poster that I wouldn’t mind getting :)

  3. Oh man – that Sync in Progress shirt is the coolest, and I wanna win it! Why? Because I AM a “sync in progress” – always learning and improving things at my job.

  4. I want a pig cover as for some odd reason I have always loved pigs, and collect them. The t-shirt would be great as well since I am a geek and these types of shirts drives my wife nuts, which is all the more reason to wear them.

  5. Love this blog. Bragging about it to EVERYONE recently. Even trying to contribute if I can. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON iPad 3 case would be completely awesome to win, as the poster once graced my classroom wall and currently adorns the walls of several awesome teachers I work with. Keep up the good work!

  6. I have learned so much from your posts and enjoy reading them.
    I need all the help I can get because I did not grow up with computers and have downloaded some really great apps that you have suggested.
    I would love to win the iPad cover that says “It’s all about me” because it would be so appropriate for where I live, which is Newport Bch Calif and that’s the Attitude that most of the people That live here have so if I can’t beat them I might as well join them.
    Thanks for all your hard work to keep us most informed.

  7. It’s almost Christmas
    How nice if I win an IPAD case
    Or the cool t-shirt would look nice on me too

  8. Wikkid cool shirt, would love to be in the draw for that !! Would make my fellow iOS friends really jealous.

  9. First thank you for all the different giveaways. This one is great because more than one person has a chance. I looked at the cases, although I do need a case, I found the shirt to be more interesting. Out of the cases I would pick the one that i can add my own picture or design. Thanks for the contests.

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