Contest: One Free iPad Case Prodigy Case/Stand To Be Won

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iPad Case ProdigyOne Free iPad Case Prodigy Case/Stand To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Wednesday February 20, 2:00PM US Central

How ‘bout an iPad case giveaway contest on this fine Presidents’ Day Monday? I just did a review of the iPad Case Prodigy a few days ago, and was quite impressed with it. Here’s a little slice of what I had to say about it:

The iPad Case Prodigy is an impressive and versatile iPad case. It’s solid and professional looking, offers great protection, and works very well as a stand. It seems like a good fit for business users and especially for anyone who needs a pretty sturdy case + stand combo. Everything about it feels secure and well-made. 

Today’s contest offers up my own lightly used review case.

Hit the break to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How To Win

– Leave a comment on this post and you’re in with a chance.

– To gain a bonus entry and increase your odds, check out my recent review of the iPad Case Prodigy linked above and tell us what your favorite feature of the case is.

That’s it. We’ll pick our winner on Wednesday and I’ll ship the case out later this week.


I really don’t want to limit this to just US winners, so I won’t.  I’ll ship the case anywhere that is covered by either of these shipping methods:

US Priority Mail – should ship in approx. 2-3 days

International Priority Air Mail – should ship in approx. 7-12 days, and is not trackable en route

Good luck to all!

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51 thoughts on “Contest: One Free iPad Case Prodigy Case/Stand To Be Won”

  1. The interesting part of this case is that allows for multiple uses, specially if you need to be reading from the iPad and let’s say type on a computer, or if you’re broadcasting you can set the iPad on a good angle so it can have your script display without being too intrusive.

    Really lovely.

  2. This is really awesome. I particularly like the magnet kick stand. That is one of the challenges I currently face, with my iPad always sliding.

  3. My favorite feature is the sturdiness of the stand at multiple angles. As a writer who spends his time at coffee shops and other locations with wifi I find some of the cases I have are either too bulky or not secure enough when traveling with my iPad.

    I am a nomad in the field and I write on the go constantly. This would make a great accessory to my iPad


  4. This looks like my kinda case. I moved up from the iPad 1 to the 4 this weekend past and iPad Case Prodigy looks a lot like a case I had for my 1st gen device. So, the looks are a bonuse. I’d have to say the durability feature is what intrigues me the most. This case looks durable and still handsome simultaneously. That’s what my case for my old device was and that’s what I’m after for a new case.

  5. Looks like a nice, functional case and I have some other ZooGue stuff that is good quality. Count me in!

  6. I love the multiple angle options and how they are all solid because of the magnets. That’s a great idea to add some stability. I know there are a few “normal” viewing angles I use on my iPad, but I love the option to have more to really get the best angle no matter what.

  7. I use my ipad at work as a critical care nurse and when lecturing at college. Using it at work is not alway easy getting the right angle whilst reading and using medical apps with the danger of dropping the ipad onto the floor. So the multiple viewing angles and the sturdy design is pretty much ideal! And being on the bulky side just means more protection which is what I am after.

  8. Love the idea of a sturdy case that gives me something to hold on to, and can be used to view screen at different levels. Less fear of damage when tossed into my purse!

  9. No idea why I’m entering this, I enter contests all the time and always win doodly squat but a new iPad case would be really nice.

  10. rdy look of this case but I think it’s the viewing angles and accessibility to the “ports” that really intrigue me.

  11. Case appears very study and durable. The multiple viewing angles would be useful as my iPad goes just about everywhere with me. Could use the multiple viewing angles become the sucky lights in my office reflect in the only two positions my case current has :(

  12. As a teacher with a couple of classroom iPads, I’m always looking for good ways to protect the iPads from the many ways a classroom of active kids can possibly harm one while still allowing for full functionality and ease of use. I love the idea of multiple ways to prop it up!

    Great site, by the way. It’s given me many great tips and app ideas for my school.

  13. The case looks awesome!

    I love the case because of the sturdy and multiple angles the case supports. Looks like it would be a cool fit for my ipad!

  14. I am intrigued by its sturdiness and versatility. My ipad is both a tool for my personal use and a tool I use to distract children I am treating, or to explain things to patients better (I am a clinic nurse). The fact that it is durable would make me less nervous about shairng my ipad, and yet it isnt bulky at all.
    The versatility of the stand makes it a great way to augment my patiet interactions, I think I like it a lot.

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! My favourite feature of this case/stand is that it allows you to adjust the screen angle to many different heights, so you always have the perfect angle for typing or watching movies.

  16. I really liked the stand, it has all the features I have been looking for, I wish I get one,if god’s kind, I’ ll get for free or else ll buy it.

  17. I am most interested in the multiple angles at which the stand can securely hold the iPad. I recently found a way to use my iPad in class as a smart board, but my current case doesn’t hold it at a comfortable angle for myself or if I set it on a student’s desk.

  18. I’m thrilled by the solid design and the multiple angles. For me as an author, it brings much needed flexibility.

  19. New to the Apple world and loving the experience. The family was on board and finally pulled me in. Don’t know why I waited so long. A new case for the new iPad would be icing on the cake!

  20. Love it…haven’t found that “perfect” stand yet but the Prodigy looks close! (and it’s even got a cool name!) It would be ideal in both meetings and for use in school. Very cool.

  21. Would love to win one. I use my ipad all day in many different settings – at school, at work and at home. I need a case that is both rugged and adaptable to my needs. I like how it can be adapted to being flat and used as a stand, effortlessly.

  22. A case is mandatory for your ipad. I’ve tried all manner of cases and covers, this appears to have the best combination of features, protection, and aesthetics for my tastes.

  23. Looks great. I always find I have to find something to prop up my iPad when I am watching something on it, so this would be perfect to have to not have to hassle like that.

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