Contest – One Unique ReAuthored Case for the New iPad To Be Won

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Reauthored Case for New iPad

One ReAuthored Case for the new 2012 iPad To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Sunday May 6, 2:00PM US Central

It’s been a little while since we’ve run an accessory giveaway contest – but today’s prize is worth the wait. It’s a beautiful, unique ReAuthored case for the 2012 iPad. These guys make lovely iPad cases out of real books.

I reviewed another ReAuthored case last July and I was very impressed with it. Here’s some detail on the case on offer as a prize:

We made the case from a copy of The Way Home – Ending Homelessness in America that was created by The Corcoran Gallery of Art. It’s a beautiful book in perfect condition and one of the nicest cases we’ve ever made. The case measures 11.5″ x 9″ x 0.75″ and weighs 1lb 7oz. Because the book was in such great condition we decided to leave it uncovered and attach the exterior closure strap directly to the original binding. We went with a black poly-leather interior with 1/4″ corner elastic straps and a pull-tab molded into the corner so you can easily access the power button without removing the device. The case sells on our site for $59 and the interior of it sports an elegant black leather material.

Hit the break for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How to Win

– Just add a comment to this post and you’re in with a chance to win.

– For an extra entry and a better chance of winning, take a look at the review mentioned above and the ReAuthored home page and tell us what you like best about these cases.

That’s it.  On Saturday we’ll draw one lucky winner and get the case shipped off to them soon afterwards.

Good luck to all.

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52 thoughts on “Contest – One Unique ReAuthored Case for the New iPad To Be Won”

  1. I love that your cases use unique books. They are great conversation pieces and a wonderful way to protect a device.

  2. Brautiful case, would love to win it and be very unique but I would also love to tell my friends in the UK all about the ‘original’ book

  3. It’s a lovely looking case, and would fit right in on the bookshelf :) Thanks for the opportunity to win it. I like the fact that they are all unique and original, and especially the fact that they have been designed to accommodate Apple’s flip-cover.

  4. Oh my…that is one handsome case…a real meaningful work of art!!! What a gift it would be to win this. Your site is the tops, visit it multiple times a day!!!

  5. New media clothed in old media. Like a baby wearing a flat cap, or a kitten with a long grey beard. Like.

  6. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but this book definitely has many good stories in it.

  7. Gorgeous, and the perfect case for a writer to use.

    I think my favorite feature is that every case is a one-of-a-kind design … even if 20 people in the same office had a ReAuthored case, each case would be unique. Definitely easy to tell yours apart!

  8. That case looks amazing! Even if I don’t win (which I hope I do) I will look at buying one.

  9. What a wonderful way to “rescue” and repurpose the craft of making a book!
    Thanks for offering a chance to win one.

  10. I’m sure most folks will mention how totally sweet this case looks and how this “book recycling” is such a great concept (as well as a kind of technological double entendre). Well, they’re right. The totally sweet bookness allows the case to stay classy (like San Diego) and provides some much needed sturdy support. But here’s the skinny on why I *heart* this case. I ride the metro to work every day, and I always want to bring my iPad with me. Since my ride is limited, I don’t always want to read it, but I hate keeping it unprotected in my laptop bag or backpack. I also hate having it au naturale for all those prying eyes to see. I hate wearing my work badge for fear of getting mugged, so having a naked iPad out and about is terrifying. A regular case does nothing to shield the world from knowing where my hard earned dough went. But alas, an answer is there. A ReAuthored case and bam, people be thinkin’ I’m an old school nerd. Nobody’s gonna try and steal my book. Chris Rock told me so.

  11. I’m in! I’d love the fact that I could actually keep my iPad in my car without worrying (too much) about someone stealing it. And the fact that it’s made from an actual recycled book is icing on the cake.

  12. Case looks great and is a nice change from the “I contain an iPad!!” look that most other cases have.

  13. This is way cool and let me protect my new iPad, which has yet to get a cover. I am still using the plastic it comes in…

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