Contest: Ten 6-packs of MC Nano Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Be Won

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Ten Free 6-packs of MC Nano Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Saturday July 30, 2:00PM US Central

OK, I know – on first hearing it, a contest to win microfiber cleaning cloths does not sound too exciting. The thing is, I never thought I could ever get excited about cleaning cloths until I had my first experience with MobileCloth.

We all know the iPad screen is one big magnet for fingerprints and smudges – so having a good cleaning cloth around is a big plus when using one. And MobileCloth is by far and away the best of these that I’ve seen. The new MC Nano is just 4” x 4”, so it’s easy to find a place for it – and it still packs MobileCloth’s powerful cleaning punch.

Ten lucky winners will get a 6 pack of these super little cleaning cloths for the iPad. Hit the jump to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win:

How to Win

— Just add a comment to this post and in you’re in with a chance to win.

— For a bonus entry to increase your chances tell us about how messy your iPad screen gets and what the main culprit is. Greasy fingers after snacking, smudges, your kids hijacking your shiny tablet – lets hear it.

That’s it. We’ll pick our winners on Saturday.

Good luck to all.

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56 thoughts on “Contest: Ten 6-packs of MC Nano Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Be Won”

  1. Hey thanks for this contest, I would really like to give them a try, when I take my iPad to take some sunlight I realize that I really need something better to clean it. It sometimes is so full of fingerprints -even after recently cleaned- that I can’t see the screen even on maximum brightness if I don’t clean it again.

  2. I have one game that I play that requires tapping all over the screen. Those mobile wipes would come in handy! Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Thank you! That’s a cool and usefull contest! When I eat chips and want to relax with Zen Brush, my Ipad doesn’t like me and stop to shine…
    A MC Nano could reanimate him… help him…please.

  4. I’d love a some cleaning clothes.

    It’s not exactly me that get’s the phone and ipad dirty, but my two year old daughter, she loves to play with both devices, but has no idea that her hands are dirty, sticky or just out right bad. She’ll eat a sucker or other piece of candy and then head off to play angry birds or have some fun with animal sounds applicaitons or painting/drawing. She’s to funny because she has no idea she’s doing it, but it takes forever to get it cleaned up. HELP!!!

  5. I think the iPad is pulling grease from the cosmos. Oleophobic my arse. Those screens are oleophilic

  6. Last week I was showing my boss the new tip about shake / erase on my Ipad and you could all these horrible fingerprints on the screen! I was so embarrassed! I did not know it had gotten that bad. I think I had just eaten microwave popcorn at work when I used it last.

  7. Hopefully these are better than the 3M electronics and lens cleaning cloths on Amazon, which are small but a bit too thin.

  8. I would love to win this micro fiber cleaning cloth! My iPad always gets finger print all over it

  9. I love my iPad but hate the smudges and fingerprints so cleaning cloths would be awesome. The worst is when my 13yo gets a hold of it. Seems like it takes a week to de-smudge it.

  10. Hi,

    I’d love to try out these cleaning cloths. I’m a newcomer to the tablet market and have been surprised not only by how dirty the screen can get, but also that tablet manufacturers have not yet come up with a ‘self-cleaning’ screen, after all there seems to be an app for everything else ;-)

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m one of the lucky winners.


  11. I’d like to win the cloth because I take my iPad to work (I work at a motor garage) and after i’m done with the work I look at the next appointment but I forget to clean the oil of my hands and their are mass amount of black streaks down my screen.

  12. Niiiiiiiiiice! A contest I can enter!

    Here’s a good one. I shave my head and have to use grease to keep my skin from drying. After a day of touching my head and then my iPad my screen is usually as shinny as my head

  13. I could use the cloth. My iPad gets dirty from spending so much time on iPad Insight and Zite.

  14. I use my iPad to stay on top of Apple news. I found your blog going through my Flipboard app. But the way my iPad gets the messiest is from my Great Danes. Brooks one of my Danes can’t figure out how Talking Tom got into this box and why Tom is calling his name, so he leaves nose prints on it. And Peanut another Dane drools so anytime she comes near the iPad she leaves her mark. I would love to have a great cloth to keep my iPad clean of not only finger prints but also nose prints and drool. I will be following your blog for more iPad insight.

  15. no doubt it is my kids grabbing the eye=pad. My 2 year old sneezed directly on it tonight.

  16. I could really use an effective cleaning cloth. Snacking is my nemesis along with regular use.

  17. I am the mayor of Smudegtown. I often look down at my fingers, raise them up to the heavens and cry out “Why oh why Lord did you curse me with these greasy sausages attached to my hands?!” And to make a long story short, that is why I’m no longer allowed in Starbucks with my iPad. :)

  18. Would love to type more about how much I need these and why, but my screen is so dirty and smudgy, I can’t see enough of my typing to do it!

  19. Count me in, the biggest culprit getting my screen nasty is, well, me. I just can’t stop touching it!

  20. Ughhhh my little cousins LOVE to play cut the rope, angry birds, and go on Facebook. Smudges and chip grease everywhere! This is horrible, but I’ve learned to hide it from them ;)

    Great contest guys.

  21. My whole family uses my iPad. I don’t know where all the screen smudges come from but I desperately need a good cleaning cloth.

  22. I take my ipad to the gym to watch while doing cardo and it seems to get “junk” and finger prints all over the screen.

  23. I wouldn’t mind trying these out.

    I’d say my main culprit for a dirty screen are my own greasy hands. Actually, they aren’t that greasy, but I handle the ipad far too much in the course of a day.

  24. I would love some off these. They could clean those 3 streaky lines I get from my smart cover :-)

  25. I have some and these things are wonderful. Sparkly clean in two seconds.
    I have shared all my extras with friends.

  26. These would be great! The worst smudges are three big smudge-lines from my smart cover (which is supposed to cleaning my iPad). Great contest.

  27. Sometimes, hand lotion residue can leave thick smudges. I could definitely used those cloths for my ipad2, iPod touch and iPod nano. (P.S. I love your blog!).

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