Contest – Win a Free Compass Mobile Stand for iPad / iPad 2

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One Compass Mobile Stand for iPad / iPad 2 To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Sunday August 21st, 2:00PM US Central

I posted yesterday about Twelve South’s Compass Mobile Stand for the iPad and iPad 2 now being available in a few colors – iPad Silver, Tactical Black, and Candy Apple Red. I did a review of the Compass Mobile Stand for iPad last year – and I was and remain hugely impressed with this versatile and ultra-portable iPad stand.

Because I’ve already reviewed the stand I didn’t want to ask for a review unit, but I did ask for one to offer up to readers, and the kind folks at Twelve South have obliged. So now you’ve all got a chance to win one of these slick stands. Hit the jump for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How To Win:

— Leave a comment on the post and you’re in with a shot at winning.

— For a bonus entry, tell us what’s your favorite feature of the Compass Mobile Stand or how you think it would prove most useful for you. Check out my review linked above or the Twelve South product page for it to get some ideas if you need.

That’s it. We’ll pick our random winner on Sunday.

*** Please Note: This contest is for US residents only.

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60 thoughts on “Contest – Win a Free Compass Mobile Stand for iPad / iPad 2”

  1. I think it would be useful because it appears to be very sturdy. The Smart cover magnet isn’t as strong as I’d like – sometimes I don’t trust it to keep the iPad held up.

  2. I hope you pick me as I would really like to give the compass a whirl. I think my favorite feature would be the work mode. This just looks like it would give it the perfect angle when sitting in a room at a meeting and trying to take notes.

  3. This stand is awesome. I want it, daddy, I WANT IT NOW!

    Fave feature: red red redness of a real red red.

    Submitted from: Red Horse Cafe.

    Circumstantially, all just seems too relevant.

  4. I looked at the Compass at the Apple store and it is very compact when folded, has a good heft to it so it will not topple over and it would be much more stable than a folded Smart Cover when used in portrait or landscape viewing mode. The fact that is is also a sturdy base in typing mode is an added benefit. The staff in the Apple store all spoke very highly of the Compass as well and a few of them are avid users of the Compass as well. I would use it often.

  5. Hope this is the right place to post for the contest.

    I’ve had my eyes on one of these for a while now.. While I have a case that allows me to position my iPad it’s not really that stable, and the iPad can fall over easily. I want something more stable.

    My favorite feature is the ease of switching it to typing mode. I’ve got to go through a load of gymnastics when I’m trying to change orientations with my case.

  6. I like the sleek design and portability of the compass. Would be a great addition to the iPad for better functionality for both work an play!

  7. I think the best feature of the compass is it’s small size. It would let me use my ipad without a case stand combo. I would use it in my classroom or in professional development sessions to make it easier to take notes.

  8. Since I take my IPad to meetings and bluetooth to my keyboard, this stand appears to be a great way to be able to work for hours in a more ergonomic manner. Jood

  9. I’ve only been using the smart cover for a stand. I would love to have the iPad sitting upright landscape view at my desk. If you use the smart cover upright landscape all it is good for is viewing. With the compass stand, I could have omnifocus running, which is most useful for me in landscape view, and tap, tap, tap my way to getting things done.

    Thanks for the great website.

  10. To pair this stand with my apple wireless keyboard … would I ever need any other device when I’m not tethered to my desk at work? Let’s make this happen.

  11. I’d love to give that a shot, my daughter (2 years old) would love an easel to use with her painting applications on my iPad 2!

  12. This would help me preventing my kids from breaking my iPad when watching movies on our kitchen island. I’d be curious if it worked on a plane as well.

  13. This stand looks very useful. What i like most about it is its compact size which makes travel much easier. This would be perfect for the classroom.

  14. Well, I just bought an iPad 2, it was my dream come true, almost didn’t eat for months :) it would be a so rewarding gift to me. Anyway, kisses to all!

  15. I love the flexibility of this stand, being able to support multiple uses, orientations, and viewing angles.

  16. I think the greatest feature that would be of a benefit to me is to have a sturdy stand so it can sit next to my work laptop on my desk. Another benefit I like is the way it can fold up and easily and fit in my satchel.

  17. I love the fact that it is sturdy but portable and supports landscape mode. This would be great to use at work. Thanks!

  18. Looks like it would be great to set up on a table to listen to podcasts on Stitcher. The speakers would be more exposed than just lying flat on the table. Also, it would be nice to set up in the kitchen on the Epicurious app for recipes.

  19. I just received my Compass Stand two days ago. Just before the extra color options. It is the best. Portable, sturdy and a way cool design – all foldy and compact. Now I really need one for my son.

  20. The stand would make typing on my zagg keyboard sp much easier. Thz screen would be at a good level -eye level rather than table level.

  21. awesome, awesome stand – in my opinion, the best on the market! not only is the design aesthetic totally sweet, but its got functionality in spades…heavy-gauge steel to keep from toppling over (unlike cheaper plastic stands), rubberized grippy parts to hold the ipad securely in place (unlike the griffin loop, where a slight movement will knock the ipad out of the stand), both portrait and landscape mode for watching movies, the ideal typing angle, and portability when you need it! yet the strength and beauty to act as a permanent stand solution.

  22. I love twelve south! I’d get so much use out of the compass stand. I need one to stand my iPad up on the bar to be used as a jukebox.

  23. I have a stand for my iPad, but it’s not as sleek looking and portable as this one. Hope I win!

  24. I think my fav feature is that it collapses so it is small and light plus it works well in portrait and landscape mode.

  25. That Red one is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep I want one.

  26. If I won one of these amazingggg stands, I could finally replace the chicken noodle soup can that currently props up my iPad when I’m at work!

  27. Best features are compact and sturdy design, and the options of portrait or landscape viewing. It is the ONE

  28. I can see how useful it’d be for me to look at the iPad while reading my notes during lectures. No need to hold it in awkward positions anymore! :)

  29. I also really like the work mode. I use my iPad to control Logic when I record at home and this stand puts it at a great angle and holds it securely so that I can work the faders without the iPad moving around. I really like the red!

  30. I would love the Compass Mobile stand. When I travel I watch tv on my iPad and have been looking for a versatile stand. This sounds like what I have been looking for

  31. Looks sweet! I’d say I’d get the most use out of it at the morning breakfast table, my best chance of the day to do iPad book reading. I dig how compact it is!

  32. I like the fact that the Compass folds so very compact and flat; would make it easy to slide it into the front pocket of my Targus iPad bag and have it ready whenever I might need it. Alas, I would probably use it most often for something completely prosaic, like reading comic books at lunch and posting #comicpanels on Twitter.

  33. this stand would be fantastic for using my iPad to cook in the kitchen. I usually use it for recipes (saved in Evernote or the AllRecipes app), or I’ll watch something streaming on Netflix while I work!

  34. I would love to own this Compass stand. It would be wonderful to be able to read recipes, watch movies and videos with hands free to cook and knit while watching a movie. This is the best design I have seen.

  35. I love how small it is when it is collapsed. It’s pocketable. How many iPad stands can do that? It would be nice to have a stand in tow when I’m carrying around my iPad 1. There isn’t a smart cover for the first iPad.

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