Contest: Win a Free iPad Insight Branded Mobile Cloth for Your iPad

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6 Free Mobile Cloth Combo Packs To Be Won (one large and one small)

Contest Deadline: Friday May 24, 2:00PM US Central

It’s contest time again. This time we’ve got one of the least glamorous but hardest working and most useful iPad accessories up for grabs. If you’ve been following this site for any length of time you know that I’m a big fan of these Mobile Cloth cleaning cloths. If you somehow missed my past mentions of them, check out my post when I first came across them, and asked how excited you’re allowed to be about cleaning cloths.

The short story is these are by far and away the best cleaning cloth for the iPad and all my touchscreen devices. Winners of this contest will receive a combo pack of the big and small Mobile Cloth – with the iPad Insight logo on them, so you’ll never forget which site you need to visit every day. :)

Hit the break to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How To Win

— Enter a comment on this post. Your comment needs to include a damn good reason why this Mobile Cloth will be useful to you. So for example you might tell us about:

  • How horribly smudged / fingerprint mauled your iPad (or another device) is – and why
  • What’s the worst cause of mess on your device screens? You, one of your children, your cat who loves those iPad cat games …
  • Why you can’t possibly survive without an iPad Insight branded item in your possession very soon

Please Note: This means on this contest we’re not choosing random winners. We’ll pick the 6 best / funniest responses – so give it your all please.

The Mobile Cloth combo packs will ship to winners within two weeks, and winners can be from anywhere in the world.

Good luck to all.

Patrick Jordan

Founder and Editor in Chief of iPad Insight. Husband, father to a lovely daughter, Commander of the Armies of the North, dog lover (especially Labs), Austinite, former Londoner, IT consultant, huge sports nut, iPad and mobile tech blogger, mobile apps junkie.

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19 thoughts on “Contest: Win a Free iPad Insight Branded Mobile Cloth for Your iPad”

  1. We soooo need these in my house…. My daughter’s ipad mini and my iPad3 are Always smudged up…we are constantly wiping them off with clean shirts…. I hope we win!

  2. I need these because I have 30 3rd grade students using 10 iPads. Thats 60 hands! We did the math.

  3. Hi!
    I just happened to get this tweet on my iPhone & was beyond pleasently thrilled when I read it. I think it must’ve been ‘iPhone/ipad Devine Intervention’ because normally, I never get notifications regarding any new tweets but…. For some reason, I got your message!
    I would absolutely love winning one of your prizes! , myself, have 4 different iPhones ( 1st one, I actually won it & got to have it over a year before the iPhone was released in Canada! Then, I just kept getting the latest iPhone. So, I have a 1st gen, then a 3G, then a 4 & now an iPhone 5!)
    I use all of these phones, including the older models for reading, playing games, surfing the net, etc.
    As well, I have the newest model ipad! My oldest son has an iPhone & my boyfriend has 2 iPhones. We also have a couple of iPods too. Needless to say, that’s a heck of a lot Apple devices/screens, that are in desperate need of 1 of your prize packages.
    My screens are especially in dire need of your miracle screen cleaners because my youngest son, who has autism, adores playing on all of my Apple devices. The problem with this is, he adores Ketchup chips!
    Actually, he adores the Ketchup chips even more when he eats the chips while playing games on 1 of my devices!
    I haven’t yet found anything that is capable of removing greasy Ketchup chip fingerprints!
    Hopefully, if I’m lucky enough to win 1 of your prizes, I’d be absolutely thrilled, beyond a shadow of a doubt, report back & send pictures of our results!
    Either way, I’m wishing everyone who enters the contest, the best of luck!

  4. I’ve been using and disgarding microcloths for my iPad since I first got one in 2011. I haven’t found one that is the best. I would certainly love to win these cloths simply because Patrick Jordan recommends them as The Best!

  5. I am a scrupulously clean man. Immaculate. Crisp. A block of Irish Spring in human form. If I was a rapper, they’d call me DJ Phreshy-Phresh. I make Felix on “The Odd Couple” look like an open sewer of a human being, and E/R doctors weep when they realize that, compared to me, their bodies are one big bolus of pus, necrotic tissue and dog hair.

    You might even call me “tidy.”


    None of that matters to my iPad. One delicate touch from my manly but springtime-fresh fingertip and I might as well have had an acne-ridden 15-year-old rub his forehead all over the screen. One feather-light press of an app and the screen is suddenly coated in a layer of grease worse than the one on a sole of a New Balance worn by a Taco Bell wage slave. Not long ago, on the bus, an elderly nun asked if she could see “that YouPad or whatever it is,” and the dear old thing handed it back to me with a gentle smile. “Bless your heart,” she said, “but what do you do to that thing? Wipe your ass with it?”

    Do you really want nuns to think I wipe my ass with my iPad? I think not.

    Please. A cloth.

  6. My iPad screen is so smudged with fingerprints, seems like I can never clean it often enough and it still gets yucky! There are times that it scares me just to look at the grease and grime!

    I am my iPad’s worst enemy when it comes to smudging and dirt since I am the one who uses it the most.

    I have tried other cloths, but they all seem to leave lint behind or smudges. Your cloth looks different than the one I have and seems to be a better quality. Would definitely clean my iPad screen better than anything else I have tried.

  7. Aww, man I really need one of those cloths. When I get done fixing computers and curl up with my iPAd, those Cheetos crumbs make yellow smudges everywhere. Worst of all is the crumbs around the volume rocker.

  8. Between my 3 year old and my wife I am constantly wiping all sorts of stuff off of my pad. That combined with the occasional coffee dripped on it while I am at work I am always looking for something good to clean my scream with. If the ipad insight reviews are even half true then the cloth should be a perfect fit for me.

  9. After munching on my Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos and downing copious amounts of Mountain Dew a Mobile Cloth is required to wipe the orange cheese streaks off my iPad. For without a mobile cloth to clean my screen forced I am to lick my screen clean.

  10. I’m not requesting to win for myself. REALLY, I’m not. I’m the person who shows up to the meeting with my cloth in my iPad case. Somewhere during the meeting I will hand it to the person next to me because I can’t stand looking at their smudges any more! I can’t believe they can even see the screen to get any work accomplished. Usually the cloth goes all the way around the group and arrives back to me from the other side. Just last week I had a student ask why I had a cloth with my iPad, he proceded to clean his and all 27 other ipads in the classroom! My original iPad1 cloth (when Apple provided them) has done it’s due diligence. I would love to win so I can continue to share with my friends!

  11. after seeing them mentioned on the site i bought one of these and it’s great, but i can’t help but think that the logo adds at least +10 to smudge removal. as much as i use my mini i need all the bonuses i can get.

  12. As a sculptor, I always have clay covered fingers. I use my iPad for music and reference photos . I try all kinds of ways to very delicately swipe the next pic BUT I still manage to get my screen covered with clay. Sometimes I even use my nose to swipe! A cleaning cloth would help promote the arts!

  13. Hey, Patrick!

    I’m not entering, simply because I believe there are people who need them more than I do, I just wanted to say thanks for helping some people out and giving these away for free. Good man!

    1. Hi James – thanks for the kind comment. I should mention that it’s Mobile Cloth who are giving these away for readers here – so they deserve all the thanks on that.

      1. Oh, didn’t realize that. Still, nice of you to let people know about it and give these away to your readers. People love free things, and seeing as this is a website related to iPads, a cleaning cloth for their own iPad will be very useful to them.

        Keep up the good work!

  14. Like all devices I own – iDevice or otherwise – I’m on the long-term plan. My early 2007 black plastic MacBook is still representin’ hard (and it still gets phenomenal battery life), my third-generation iPod Nano is what I listen to on a daily basis, and my iPad 1 is still my travel computer, bedroom television (TimeWarner app FTW), and kitchen companion. The secret to longevity? Care and maintenance!

    For my iPad, that would definitely include regular screen-cleaning. Right now I use a freebie eyeglasses cloth, but I could definitely benefit from an upgrade – especially since I plan to get years more out of this thing. In short, using a Mobile Cloth is just about the best way to “Ensure” (pun intended) my iPad lasts well into senior citizenship.

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