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NBA 2K19 on the 2021 iPad Pro

Living with Apple’s 2021 iPad Pro: Playing Around

NBA 2K19 on the 2021 iPad Pro

Not long after I got the original iPad in the summer of 2010, I remember thinking that it could be the future of mobile gaming. I knew it would take a while to find out, but it felt like that was a real possibility. As popular as Nintendo’s DS hardware was, this massive touchscreen tablet seemed destined to be the next thing to me. Apple’s App Store was already making major inroads into gaming, and there for a while, the iPad also did quite well. However, it never did live up to all its potential.

Eleven years later, the situation is much the same. Nintendo got smart and released a console that you can play anywhere and held its ground in the mobile gaming space. Unfortunately, Apple still seems content to hang around on the margins. They occasionally add features and talk about gaming, but I think they are happy to just keep ringing the cash register that is in-app payments on mediocre fremium titles. Apple Arcade gave me some hope, but even that effort hasn’t quite lived up to expectations yet. That is really unfortunate, because the new 12.9″ iPad Pro has tremendous potential as a gaming device.

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