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App Hall of Fame November Inductees Announced


The App Hall of Fame has announced its set of inductees for November 2010. This is just the second round of inductees to the App HOF, and the 12 apps chosen are all big, instantly recognizable names.

There are several massively popular games and some killer productivity apps – and there’s Facebook, one of the first, best, and most popular social apps (or apps of any kind really) to hit the App Store.

I’m fortunate enough to be a member of the selection committee for the App Hall of Fame, along with a whole lot of superb iOS-related site owners, editors, and reviewers. I’m already looking forward to our next round of nominations and voting on inductees – especially as this month will be the first time that iPad apps are added to the mix.

For lots more detail on the November (and past) inductees, and how the whole App Hall of Fame process works, check out the site here:


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App Hall of Fame Announces Its Inaugural Inductees


The App Hall of Fame has today announced its first set of inductees – the first 12 apps that represent the most outstanding mobile apps.

When you think about the Baseball Hall of Fame you think of some of the classic stars who dominated the game from long-gone days to recent times. Ruth, Cobb, Mays, Aaron, Robinson, Clemente, Koufax and on and on.

The App Hall of Fame is a great idea from Jeff Scott and the folks at 148apps, that aims to recognize and archive the very best of mobile apps. Here’s a little more on the goals of the App Hall of Fame, straight from its About page:

We want to help carry the torch for the spectacular applications released in the past that may have been forgotten in this fast moving world of app sales and promotions. Our committee has years of experience looking at, writing about, and – in some cases – developing apps. Who better to bring these aging app gems back into the spotlight and keep their memory alive? Committee members understand that the apps inducted to this hall of fame must be the ones that are very nearly perfect in every aspect. Be they applications or games, the apps inducted into the hall of fame are exemplary in every way.

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