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BBC iPlayer for iPad Released – UK Only for Now

BBC iPlayer for iPad

BBC iPlayer for iPad has been released in the UK App Store. The app lets you watch and listen live to BBC TV and radio programs as well as access content from the previous seven days. Here’s its short, sweet App Store description:

BBC TV and Radio programmes now on your iPad.
Watch and listen live, or choose your favourites from over 400 hours programming from the last 7 days.
– Watch live TV
– Listen to live radio
– Scroll through and find Featured and Most Popular programmes
– Add programmes to your favourites and have them ready and waiting when a new episode or series is available
– Drag and drop programmes to Favourites with one easy move
– Browse through the schedule for upcoming programmes

And a little more about the app via 9to5Mac:

Browsing through iPlayer’s program guide is supported over 3G, but actually watching video will require connection to a Wi-Fi network. For those of you who are on tablets, or plan on getting tablets, other than the iPad, BBC says they will eventually release versions for you, too. BBC also says that HD video is not available on the iPad, but will be added at a later date.

I lived in the UK for a number of years and enjoy a lot of British TV and radio – so I can’t wait to see this app hit the US App Store. The only possible date for that I’ve seen so far is somewhere around June, but I can’t recall where or what that was based on.

For those of you in the UK here’s the BBC iPlayer App Store link, and it’s a free app.

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BBC iPlayer App for iOS Coming in February?


BBC iPlayer is the Beeb’s popular on-demand service for BBC TV and Radio content. There’s been talk of an iOS app release for the service for ages – and now there are reports that it could finally be arriving in the App Store next month.

TUAW posted an article yesterday citing a report from Paid Content:UK that the app will be released in late February.

Here’s hoping this proves true – I would love to have some BBC programming goodness in an iPad app.

News Via: TUAW

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