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Cool Things: Coffee-Colored iPad Smart Cover Made with Real Coffee

Coffe Color iPad Smart Cover

The photo above shows a gorgeous coffee-colored iPad Smart Cover – but it’s not a color you’ll find in the Apple store range. It’s the result of a DIY project involving actual coffee being applied to the Smart Cover.

This is the creation of simeon, one of the developers at twolivesleft – makers of Codea and other apps and games.

Simeon decided he wasn’t seeing quite the aging effect he had hoped for on the tan Smart Cover, so he decided to create his own.

I’m not too careful with my cover. I chose the leather cover thinking the more scuffed and damaged it got, the better. I wanted it to look worn. Unfortunately after only two weeks of use it did start to look worn — on one side only.

As you can see in the above photos the right side of the cover is darkened in the place I usually hold it while reading.

This asymmetry wouldn’t do. I had a wonderful, horrible idea: I’d stain the cover with coffee.

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