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Phew! There’s One of Them Swarovski Crystal Cases Ready in Time for iPad 2 Launch


Great news for all of you who were running out of ideas for how to spend an extra $700 on top of your iPad 2 purchase price – there’s a ‘Swarovski encrusted’ case ready for your new baby, courtesy of the good people at CrsytalRoc. 

CrystalRoc has managed to produce the first Swarovski encrusted iPad 2 cases for the launch of the anticipated Apple Ipad 2. Each case is produced in our London studios and is encrusted with over 4,000 Swarovski Xilion cut crystals giving you a much higher sparkle and finish. Truly the highest quality product in the market….!

They’ve apparently got cases in stock and ready to go – and your $700 includes delivery too.

News Via: Born Rich

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30 Second iPad Stand – Hangers Are Not Just for Clothes Anymore


For all of us who have never enjoyed hanging clothes up much anyway, here’s a much better use for a hanger. :)

Via: Gizmodo

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