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Now You Can Manage Your iPad 3G Data Online


AT&T has announced that iPad 3G users can now manage data plans on any web browser. Before this new initiative you could only setup and manage iPad 3G cellular data plans on the device itself – and I can definitely say from first-hand experience that this can be more than a little flaky at times. I’ve had numerous occasions where I try to view my account or work with it on the iPad and I just get server errors and the pages fail to load, when web and email and all other connectivity on the iPad is going fine.

This is a handy new feature from AT&T, and might be especially useful if you are unfortunate enough to lose your iPad 3G.

To manage your iPad 3G cellular data, you just go to AT&T’s page for it here and click on the ‘Add data now’ button on the middle-right of the page: http://www.att.com/ipad.

News Via: 9to5Mac

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Recommended: iLounge Reviews the iPad 3G, Says AT&T Is Letting Down The Side


iLounge has done a great, detailed review of the new iPad WiFi + 3G.  Although they give the device an overall rating of B+ and recommend it, they make it clear that AT&T is letting down the side, or as the label of one section of the review reads:

Harsh Reality: AT&T Still Sucks, And Its $15 Data Plan Is Awful

They are not impressed with the 3G speeds they saw in testing in four separate US states, which they found did not live up to their ‘superfast’ billing. 

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Apple Posts New Support Doc for iPad 3G Data Plan Setup

Data plan setup on 3G iPad

Apple has posted a new support document that gives a walk-through of how to setup data plans on the iPad WiFi + 3G models.  The document’s catchy little title is AT&T: How to set up a new Cellular Data account on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.

The process looks relatively painless and quick – choosing from the two flavors of plan (250MB or Unlimited), providing a very limited amount of personal information and payment method details.  That seems to be about it.

You can find the Apple document here for the full walk-through:


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