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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Notes from the Notes App on your iPad

iOS9-Notes-appWe all make mistakes, it’s inevitable, especially when it come to our reliance on electronic devices to store and retrieve important documents and data in the Cloud.  So what happens after you have spent a whole afternoon taking notes at a convention, for example, only to discover the next day, that all your information is now missing from your iPad?  This can be a paralyzing feeling that will probably generate a physical response in the form of anxiety or worse.

Before we progress any further, I’m assuming that you hadn’t backed up your iPad shortly after the Notes were created?  If you had, the answer to retrieving them may be as simple as restoring your iPad to the last saved version.  This can be done with both iCloud and iTunes, depending on how you back-up your device.  If you hadn’t backed-up your iPad after creating the missing Notes, not all is lost–at least not all of the time.  Unfortunately in my experiments, the methods for retrieving the information was not completely consistent, though.  However, there is hope if you follow these steps  to retrieve lost or missing Notes on your iPad.

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