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Dinosaur Zoo for iPad Updated, Adds a Few New Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Zoo for iPad

Dinosaur Zoo for iPad – one of the most fun dinosaur-related apps for iPad – has been updated, to Version 1.2

The update adds ‘Dino Pack 1’ with a few new dinosaurs. As I mentioned in my review of Dinosaur Zoo for iPad, the small number of dinosaurs was really the only knock on the app – as it included only six dinosaurs.

The new dino pack adds just three new dinosaurs – a shark-like sea creature called a Carcharadon, a Kentrosaurus (stegosaurus look-alike), and a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex on its own probably makes up for the fact that only a small number of dinos have been added.

More dino packs are on the way according to the developers. It would be good to see them fairly soon, as nine dinosaurs is still quite a small number – even with a T-Rex in the mix.

Here’s an App Store link for Dinosaur Zoo for iPad; it’s priced at $1.99.

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Review: Dinosaur Zoo for iPad

Dinosaur Zoo for iPad

Dinosaur Zoo for iPad is pretty much just what the name implies – a zoo full of dinosaurs as an iPad app. And who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I’ve never met a kid who didn’t, and not too many grownups either.

Here’s part of the app’s intro in the App Store:

Time to start your own dinosaur zoo of fully animated dinosaurs. You can throw fish to swooping Pterodactyls, tease the Euoplocephalus, try not to get your fingers bitten by the Monolophosaurus – and if you roar, they roar back.

Each dinosaur comes with information from the latest paleontology discoveries, plenty of fascinating facts, prehistoric maps of where they lived and where they died, and spinning 360-degree clay models overseen by the world’s leading paleontologists.

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