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Dr. Seuss iPad eBook Apps at $1.99 in Back to School Sale


Oceanhouse Media – publishers who bring delightful eBook versions of many children’s classic to the iPad – have got a very nice Back to School sale kicking off this week. They’ve got 10 of their Dr. Seuss eBooks for iPad and iOS on sale at $1.99 each.

The sale began yesterday and runs through September 4. The titles included in it are:

  • Oh Say Can You Say? (released today)
  • Dr. Seuss’s ABC
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
  • I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!
  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?
  • There’s A Wocket in My Pocket!
  • Fox in Socks

Oceanhouse will be continuing their back to school sale through early October, with a new selection of eBooks on sale each week.

To take advantage of this week’s sale on Dr. Seuss titles, see the iPad App Store page for Oceanhouse Media’s Dr. Seuss eBook apps.

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Seuss on the Loose in the App Store: Dr Seuss Apps at Half Price

CatinTheHat  GreenEggs  Grinch  OneFish

Great news for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch owning Dr. Seuss fans.  All of the superb Dr. Seuss apps from Oceanhouse Media are on sale at 50% off for a limited time – as part of a very cool anniversary celebration.

★★★ Dr. Seuss apps are on sale, for a limited time only, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the children’s classic, Green Eggs and Ham. "You may like them. You will see. You may like them in a tree!" ★★★

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Two More Dr. Seuss Titles Hit the App Store

Yertle The Turtle iPad eBook app


Two more Dr. Seuss eBook titles have hit the App Store over recent days – Yertle the Turtle and The Big Brag.  I’m not familiar with either of these, but the descriptions for them look as enticing as ever.  Here’s a slice on Yertle the Turtle:

Yertle the Turtle, the king of the pond, is unsatisfied with the small stone that serves as his throne. He commands the other turtles to stack themselves beneath him so that he can see further and expand his kingdom. As the stack of turtles get’s higher and higher, poor Mack, the turtle at the very bottom of the pile, is in great pain. Mack asks Yertle for a brief rest, but Yertle just tells him to be quiet. Finally fed up with Yertle’s abuse, the plain little turtle named Mack does something to upset the balance of power and free all the turtles.

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‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ – Latest Dr. Seuss Title for the iPad

Dr. Seuss books for iPad 

Oh, the Places You’ll Go‘ is the latest Dr. Seuss title to be brought to the iPad (and iPhone) by Oceanhouse Media. Here’s part of the synopsis of this tale from its App Store page:

Full of good wishes and sage advice, this tale chronicles a cheerful little guy in a yellow jumpsuit as he makes his way in the world. He travels through a wide variety of colorful Seussian landscapes, cities, and sticky situations – some exhilarating, some depressing, some a little frightening.

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Review: Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax eBook for iPad

The Lorax eBook on iPad

The Lorax is the latest Dr. Seuss eBook title to come to the iPhone and the iPad.  It has been released, along with two other Dr. Seuss titles from Oceanhouse Media, to coincide with Earth Day next week.  It’s perfectly suited for the occasion, as the story has a strong eco message and theme.

My daughter and I got a chance to read The Lorax on the iPad last night.  Both of us are big Dr. Seuss fans (who isn’t?).  We’ve enjoyed the previous Dr. Seuss eBook titles on the iPhone from Oceanhouse; so we were looking forward to seeing this one. Hit the jump for some quick thoughts on The Lorax on the iPad and a few more screencaps ….

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Sneak Peek – Lots of Dr. Seuss Books & Apps Goodness Coming to the iPad

Cat in the Hat on iPad

How good would Dr. Seuss books look on the iPad?  If you said damn good, you’re right. And it’s not would, it’s will – as Oceanhouse Media plans to bring all of Dr. Seuss to the iPad.  Yay!

Like so many people, I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Seuss since childhood.  As a parent of an almost seven year old, I’ve got the perfect excuse to continue enjoying his wonderful works as my daughter discovers them.

My daughter and I are also big fans of the Dr. Seuss books and apps that have come to the iPhone.  So I was extremely happy to get a chance this week to talk to Michel Kripalani, President of Oceanhouse Media – who have the rights to bring all of the works of Dr. Seuss to the iPhone and iPad platform.  Hit the jump for some details on when we can expect to see Dr. Seuss hit the iPad and another lovely screencap …

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