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Quick Look: EasilyDo Mail

EasilyDo Mail

Email clients come and go with great regularity these days.  There’s always someone working hard to come up with the next big thing.  In an already crowded category, it’s increasingly hard to stand out.  We all use email–it’s a necessary task that we all partake in until someone comes up with a better system.  Unfortunately, the biggest sticking point for many new email clients is that, to get the best  experience out of them you have to fully invest in the platform.  This “all in” mentality can become frustrating when even some of the most popular email clients haven’t stood the test of time.  I’m looking at you Sparrow & Mailbox.

My newest favorite email client is non-specifically called Email–which seems a little weird.  It’s already hard to stand out in this crowded category.  A strong name could go a long way in setting it apart form other apps.  Having said that, it’s also referenced as EasilyDo Mail, incorporating the developer’s name that also designed EasilyDo Assistant.

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