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WriteReader for iPad Review: Teach Children How to Write

WriteReader with keyboard

WriteReader for iPad has clearly had a lot of thought go into it from an educational and technical perspective. It’s main USP is that it will help to develop your child’s writing through using phonetically based sounds to create words which can be turned into a publishable eBook. However, does it live up to it’s promise?

WriteReader has a lot of financial backing and it heralds from Denmark. It’s modus operandi is to teach children to write. I would say that the app should be aimed at reluctant writers who have a lot of parental support. I also don’t believe it is the sort of app your child could use effectively without direct assistance from an adult. Continue reading

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Osmo for iPad Review: Magical and Educational


We are all used to interfacing with a computer through mouse, keyboard, and in more recent times, touchscreen. Osmo has created an educational game system that allows you to interface with the iPad through physical objects. It’s a new way of using the iPad to engage children in learning and it is as close to a magical experience as I have come using an iPad. Continue reading

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Studying French? Triomphe iPad Review

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.29.55

We had our family summer holiday in France this year and although I have plenty of French words stored in my head (thanks to my grammar drilling French teacher Miss Chettle), my pronunciation is terrible. In fact, it’s a bit like watching one of those comedy movies where someone totally out of their depth tries to speak a foreign language and ends up shouting and pointing everywhere. Thankfully for me, Triomphe, a new iPad app aimed at teaching French to school children has been recently released.

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FlowBoard EDU for iPad: A presentation app that gets out of the way


Presentation software. You either love it, or live with it. There isn’t too much in between. For years PowerPoint was the market leader, but the goliath of the PC presentation world hasn’t really kept up with presenting in the mobile world. It has left a niche in the market for other developers to leap in to banish WordArt, Clip Art and crazed animations to the same place that Clippy the paperclip now resides. There are lots of decent iPad presentation apps available. Keynote is probably the best known, but others like Haiku Deck, SlideShare and now FlowBoard EDU are adding some well thought out features to presenting on the iPad.  Continue reading

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My Incredible Body iPad Review: Like Innerspace but Educational!

If only Dennis Quad had this app in 1987.
If only Dennis Quaid had this app in 1987.

Back in primary school I remember learning about the internals of the human body by constructing a digestive system out of toilet rolls. Needless to say, that summer I probably used more toilet tissue than I needed too in an effort to get enough toilet rolls together. The results were awesome though. I plonked a marble through the cardboard oesophagus and proudly demonstrated to my parents the wonders of the human digestive system. I’m assuming my model had the equivalent of the runs as my marble got through in about 5 seconds. Now, the days of such eco-unfriendly learning are behind us and Zybright have released a great app called My Incredible Body, which I would say is aimed at ages 4-13. Continue reading

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iTunes U 2.0 iPad Review: Education for Everyone?


Being a teacher and a die hard geek, I’ve long been searching for a way to take my courses online in a meaningful way where students can engage in their work in Martini fashion (anytime, anywhere, not drunk). There have been lots of, what we might call ‘Virtual Learning Environments’ over the last ten years, some terrible (I’m naming no names here) and some pretty good. There has always, however, been the stumbling block that the student still has to go somewhere to get hold of course materials, ie to a computer. What I have long been after is a medium where the work goes seamlessly to the student, and likewise, the teacher can create courses in an effective, time efficient way. We might just have found this with iTunes U 2.0 which has been recently updated by Apple. Continue reading

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Classroom PDF for iPad: Useful for teaching


As any teacher will tell you, the last thing they want to be doing is faffing around with technology during a lesson. An easy way for a lesson to go quickly south is to be relying on a piece of technology to work there and then, and it suddenly doesn’t. Cue descent into chaos and a carefully planned lesson unravelling. This is one of the reasons why the iPad is so appealing in education, because it isn’t a faff (and this is coming from an Android fan). There are also certain apps on the iPad which work in an extremely straightforward way and do something very useful in the classroom. Classroom PDF is one of those apps. Continue reading

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Cool Things: New Back in Time iPad App


Back in Time is a great looking new iPad app released yesterday on the iPad App Store. The demo trailer above is one of the best I’ve come across, and this looks to me like a very nice educational / family app.

Here’s a slice of its App Store intro:

What were the defining moments in the History of Humankind, of Life, of the Universe itself? Back in Time is a multimedia interactive journey through those moments.
We invite you to take one step back and see the whole picture.

An imaginary clock will guide you through this quest, proposing a simple analogy: the whole Universe started 24 hours ago.
The Big Bang, source of Time and Space, is the first event in our journey – the clock marks 0:00 hours. Today, 13.7 billion years later, the clock marks midnight. In between, a sequence of key events that brought us where we are today. Explore them, place them in perspective, see how they relate, understand the consequences, and wonder what if…
This is what Back in Time is all about.

I’ve got an 8 year old daughter who is that wonderful sort of age where she is full of interest in learning about everything. I feel sure she’ll enjoy this app and I’m installing it as I type this.

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Review – Learn the Animals and Learn Fruit and Vegetables for iPad

My daughter was three a few weeks back and as a lovely gift, 965 Studios sent me a couple of codes for two of their Apps.

The Apps are Learn the Animals and Learn Fruit and Vegetables.

965 Studios is an American company and the codes came with an apology for the differences that I was likely to see/hear which is good because it at least forewarned me.

We Brits tend to be quite reserved when it comes to praise, so to hear a voice blasting out of the iPad saying “I’m so proud of you” is a little bit of a shock! However, the little one loves it and has now been known to wander up to me and say “I’m so proud of you mummy”

I love these apps. They are very simple, with a cartoon grid of pictures displayed first.

Learn animals

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