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Love Evernote? Here’s 14 Evernote Retina Wallpapers for the New iPad

Evernote iPad Retina Wallpapers

If you’re a big fan of Evernote and you fancy showing your love for it on your shiny new 2012 iPad, then your ship has come in today. Evernote have posted a collection of 14 new retina quality, Evernote themed wallpapers for the new iPad. Here’s the details on their creator:

They were created by Adelle Charles, a great designer and longtime Evernote user.

Some of these are a little loud and bright green, others are more subtle – and a couple are very dark and subtle with repeating elephant head pattern.

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Evernote iPad App Gets a Huge Update – Adds Rich Text Support, New UI, Passcode Lock & Lots More


Evernote – one of the best and most feature-rich note-taking apps for iPad and iOS – has had a huge, major update this week, to Version 4.1.0.

The single biggest new headline feature is rich text support. You can now use formatting options like styles, bold and italic, underline and strikethrough, bulleted and numbered lists, blockquotes, and even add links to text. It’s excellent to see this added to Evernote.

There are lots more big new features though – as the Evernote blog indicates when talking about the update:

There are updates and then there are UPDATES. Our users are not shy about letting us know what they want, so we get incredibly excited to release an update that we know will make a lot of people very happy. I have four words: iOS rich text support. I have two more words: shared notebooks. But that’s not all. We’ve also added passcode lock, a redesigned new note screen, a completely new iPad interface, and much more.

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Evernote for iPad – Update On Its Way


Evernote – the powerful and feature-rich notes app for iOS – got a huge update yesterday. Nearly all of it was directed at the iPhone version, even though it’s a universal app. So the iPhone version has had a massive UI overhaul.

And it looks miles better. It now has a far more attractive home page, a dedicated search page, and some great ‘resource views’ to see attachments, images in notes, tags, and maps of where notes were made. The only thing that, sadly has not improved much is the actual note editing interface.

The Evernote team is not forgetting about the iPad though. They’ve got plans for an iPad-focused update as well:

Evernote for iPad got numerous behind-the-scenes improvements as part of this update. You can expect many of the ideas and concepts from this iPhone redesign to make their way into upcoming versions of Evernote for iPad. Stay tuned.

Good to know.

Via: Evernote Blog

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Evernote for iPad Definitely Broken

Evernote for iPad

I posted yesterday about two major apps whose iPad versions have major bugs.  Evernote was one of those.

Just a quick update on Evernote for iPad.  It is badly broken.  I removed and reinstalled the app, and it died in the same way as the first time round – as in, immediately after asking it to do a ‘Sync Now’ operation.  It does not appear to complete the sync, crashes back to the iPad home screen, and then completely fails to launch afterwards, crashing back to the home screen every time I try to open it.

There are a number of users reporting this same issue within the user ratings in the App Store – and I have reported it via the Evernote blog site as well.

I hope the Evernote devs are working on an urgent update for the app.

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Two Major Apps with Bugs on iPad


Image Source: dan-dare.org

I’ve noticed two major apps that have some big problems on the iPad, at least on my iPad anyway.  The two apps are Evernote and Things.

Evernote – this is a favorite app for me on the iPhone, the Mac, online, everywhere basically. It was one of the first few apps I installed (the iPad version) and it was looking very nice the first few times I used it.  I loved being able to add a new audio note from right within a text note for example.  The only problem is … after several uses the app began crashing back to the home screen each time I launched it.

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