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Reason There’s No Facebook iPad App Yet – Their CEO Says iPad Isn’t Mobile


As part of the Q&A in today’s announcement, FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg fielded a question about a Facebook App coming to the iPad.  His answer?  ”iPad is a computer, not a mobile device.”

Apparently later this was watered down to something along the lines of the iPad isn’t as mobile as a phone. Facebooks head of Mobile Products also noted that the ‘explosion of tablets’ isn’t always going to be about just the iPad …

That leads Facebook to believe that committing limited resources to one tablet just doesn’t make sense.

Hmmm, there have always been a large number of rivals in the smartphone arena (and in fact a lot more credible and serious ones than there are for the iPad just now) – and that never stopped Facebook from devoting resources to an iPhone app.

Sources: 9to5Mac and TUAW

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Facebook App Updated, Still No iPad Version


So apparently at Facebook’s ‘big’ mobile event today they did not announce a Facebook phone, or a new Facebook app for the iPad.

Their big news for mobile users was updates for the iPhone and Android versions of their app, including support for their recently added groups and places features. Here’s the iPhone app update details:

What’s New in Version 3.3.1

– Groups: share photos and posts with small groups of friends
– Deals: discover great deals around you
– Places: tag more friends after you check in, add photos

It seems very odd that while doing updates they haven’t even managed to make the app universal so it at least looks nicer on the iPad. As with nearly all iPhone only apps, it’s more than a little lame running it at pixel-doubled (or goofy small) size on an iPad.

Update news via: 9to5Mac

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