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Feedly for iPad – Very Disappointing


The screencap above is what a page looks like in Feedly on the iPad if you choose to turn your iPad into landscape mode. Feedly doesn’t recognize landscape mode at all, so you’re forced to use the app always in portrait mode. I think that’s a very bad design decision for any app that involves reading on the iPad. The way we choose to read on the iPad is both a very personal thing, and something that may well change depending on where you are, what time of day it is, and so on. 

This is just one of a number of very disappointing aspects of Feedly on the iPad. Another major one is that the app makes it very difficult to see all of your feeds, if you have more than ten. I have over 200 subscriptions, so seeing only 10 in the home page’s Featured area is really not much use at all. And there is no ability to choose which feeds show up in the featured section. So we’re forced into portrait mode and forced to go with whatever the app thinks is the right list of featured feeds. Very lame.

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Feedly Comes to the iPad

Feedly for iPad

Feedly started life as a very cool Firefox extension that enhanced Google Reader and gave your RSS feeds a slick, magazine-style presentation in a browser. It was kind of a Flipboard for the browser, but focused purely on RSS feeds.

Today Feedly has arrived on the iPad. There’s been an iPhone version of the app for some months, but today it’s been updated to a universal app, so there’s a dedicated iPad version.

I installed the app earlier and have been taking a quick look at it today. It looks good,as Feedly always has in a browser.

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