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How to Remotely Erase your iPad

Find My iPhone

It happens to the best of us.  Despite our best efforts, every once in a while our most prized Apple products either become lost or stolen.  Luckily, you already added your Mac, iPhone or iPad to find my iPhone–right?  If you did, then you have the ability to remotely erase   your device(s).  Before you consider wiping your device clean, make sure that you are unable to locate or track it on the Find My iPhone Map, and that playing the identifying sound does not reveal its location.  If it’s not already apparent, erasing your device(s) will remove these actions as available options for you.

How to Erase your Device

To erase your iPad, first sign into your iCloud account on another one of your iOS devices, or via any supported web-browser.  Next, view the list of your the available devices you have included in Find my iPhone, and select the name of the device that needs to be erased.  Then tap the Actions button and select Erase iPad.  You will next be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password.  In addition, all iOS devices running iOS 7 or later have the ability to add a call back phone number and a short message to be displayed on the screen after the erase has been completed.

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What to do if your iPad is lost or stolen


Even the most diligent, and careful individuals might misplace their iPad or iPhone from time to time.  A while back I was guilty of leaving my iPhone on a rollercoaster at Disney World.  So I know first hand the overwhelming panic that can wash over you, and how helpless it can feel.  Luckily I was able to reclaim my iPhone from the lost and found.  It could have gone very differently for me that day.  The experience definitely made me rethink the steps I would have needed to take to recover my iPhone, or possibly remote wipe the data in the event that I wasn’t able to locate it.

Turn on Find my iPad

I know this isn’t of any comfort for those of you who neglected to turn on Find my iPad–but, this is a biggie.  You have many more opportunities to get you iPad back if you have this feature activated. When you first buy and activate your iPad you will be prompted to turn it on.  However, in the event that you decided not to then, please turn it on now by going to Settings–> iCloud–>Find my iPad/iPhone and turn the toggle to on.  Additionally, while you are already on this screen, toggle on the Send Last Location to automatically send the location of your device when the battery is critically low.

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If You’re Trying to Steal an iPad, It Shouldn’t Belong to This Guy


Image Source: sporting-heroes.net

If you’re going to try to steal an iPad, you really shouldn’t pick one that belongs to Will Carling. Two quick reasons for that:

— He’s a former England rugby captain, and not at all the sort of guy you’d want to have to answer to if caught in the act.

— He know how to use MobileMe’s Find My iPad feature, so the chances are good you will be caught.

And that’s exactly what happened when Carling left his iPad on a train this week. The Telegraph has the story of how Carling successfully tracked down the would-be thief and was reunited with his iPad. I’m betting that’s one thief who was wishing for a very swift handover to the police.

Source: The Telegraph via TUAW

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How To: Turn On MobileMe Find My iPad

iPad found on MobileMe

Like many of you, I was filled with sadness when I read Alicia’s post on losing her iPad last week. It’s definitely a horrible feeling to realize you’ve left a valuable item behind when you’re out and about, but the thing is it happens to all of us at one time or another.

Luckily, as Alicia pointed out in her post, there are some things we can do on our iDevices to dramatically increase the chances of getting them back if lost or stolen. One of the most popular ways is to use the MobileMe Find My iPad (or Find My iPhone) feature to track your device’s location and be able to pinpoint it if it goes missing. I thought this might be as good a time as any to share a quick how-to on enabling this excellent service.

Hit the break for details on how to enable Find My iPad on your iPad …

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