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Flipboard for iPad Updated, Adds Instagram Support


Flipboard – the popular and acclaimed social / news app for the iPad – has been updated today, to Version 1.2. The big new addition is Instagram support. Instagram is the massively popular photo effects and photo sharing app for the iPhone, and Flipboard now allows you to add a section for your Instagram account – along with sections for your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader accounts.

This is good stuff. Flipboard is already one of the flagship iPad apps, adding this hook-in for another huge iOS favorite is a great new feature. Here’s the rest of the listed changes for this update:

★ Search across your social networks and blogs with Social Search, the first of its kind.
★ Load new content up to twice as fast.
★ Discover featured sections curated by Flipboard.
★ Reload anytime from Table of Contents, improved Google Reader unread support, and much more.

The image above seems just about perfect to sum up how sweet this Flipboard update is. It’s from MG Siegler’s Paris Lemon blog and is titled ‘Totally snobby Instagram of iPad 2 before everyone in the world gets one’. It was taken with Instagram and also features a Flipboard icon placed in the dock.

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Flipboard Gets a Major Update – Adds Google Reader, Flickr, Better Twitter and Facebook Support, More


I love the screencap above. I think it nicely shows off how cool Flickr looks within Flipboard, the excellent social / news / magazine app for the iPad. Flipboard has recently been named by Apple as their iPad App of the Year for 2010. It’s a deserving winner, and that’s before getting a major, and awfully sweet looking update today (to Version 1.1).

The big news in this update is that support for Google Reader and Flickr have been added. So you can pop in your credentials for those and add a section for each of them – and they both look great. Support for Twitter and Facebook has also been expanded in a big way. You can now browse your Tweets, Twitter favorites, @mentions and lists – as well as your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos from your feed.

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Flipboard Pages – New Print-inspired Layouts in Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard Pages

Flipboard is a social-infused news app for the iPad that is highly customizable to your personal tastes, and one of my favorite iPad apps. This week the developers have added a slick new element to their already impressive app.

Today we are very excited to introduce something new we’re testing out for your Flipboard.  We call it Flipboard Pages – a fast, beautiful way to read stories that are shared with you.

We have eight renowned publishing partners participating in this new Flipboard Pages test. Now, when you tap on stories from ABC News, The Washington Post Magazine, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, SF Chronicle / Gate and Uncrate you will have the option to select “Article View” instead of “Read on Web”.  This will take you to the new Flipboard Pages experience with print-inspired layouts, typography and imagery.

I had a chance to try out the new Flipboard Pages last night and early this morning, and not surprisingly it is quite impressive.

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Flipboard is App Store App of the Week


Flipboard – the excellent social news app for the iPad – is the current App of the Week in the App Store. It presents news in a magazine-like style and lets you customize the sources you pull from and have your Twitter and Facebook streams included as content sources. Here’s a little more from its App Store description:

Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. See your social media in a magazine layout that is easy to scan and fun to read. Share articles and photos, comment on posts, and like or favorite anything. Customize your Flipboard with sections created from your favorite people, lists and blogs on Twitter.

I’ve been using the app since it launched and like it a lot, it’s an everyday read for me.

You can find Flipboard in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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Flipboard Updated – Adds More Sections and Several Enhancements

Flipboard iPad social news app

Flipboard is a social news app for the iPad. It’s one of several iPad apps that offers a much more visually exciting rendering of the latest news from the web and lets you customize it heavily with your own choices of content from Facebook, Twitter, and various sources in a range of popular categories – world news, art, fashion, technology and science, and so on.

It’s been recently updated, to Version 1.0.2.  It’s not a huge / major update, but it’s got some good additions and enhancements to an already stellar app. Hit the jump for details on the new version’s changes …

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The “I“ in iPad

(Image: Mirror on the go HD iTunes link)

The first thing you see when you take the iPad out of its beautiful white box, is a reflection of your own visage. You see yourself, as reflected by the iPad’s display. Those with iPads can imagine why this amuses me to no end. It answers the question people often ask me: why do you need an iPad?

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Flipboard on the iPad– World’s First Social Magazine

Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard is described as ‘the world’s first social magazine’ – and it’s an iPad only app (for the moment) with a very interesting concept …

Flipboard brings the timeless layout of print media to social media. No more scrolling through long lists of posts and links. No more jumping back and forth between websites. Your Flipboard is everything you care about in one place. It’s your magazine. It’s your Flipboard.

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