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Quick Look: Writer Pro for iPad


I’ve now spent a few days with Writer Pro on my iPad and it’s feeling more like a puzzle than a tool.

Writer Pro is built to brute-force a certain approach to writing. There are four modes to the app: Note, Write, Edit, and Read. Each of these modes features a different font type and cursor colour, and each mode serves as a different folder for your text. The idea is that these subtle differences in each mode will lead the writer to think about a piece in a different manner. The Note mode features clean variable-width font, Write features the Nitti Light mono-space font that iA Writer was known for, and Edit and Read feature a font that feels more at home in iBooks than in a writing app.

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iA Writer for iPad Updated & Price Dropped to 99 Cents


iA Writer – the excellent ‘writing tool’ app for the iPad – has been updated this week, to Version 1.3.3. Three of the notable additions / enhancements  in this update are Dropbox sync optimization, new TextExpander Touch support, and the addition of smart quotes to its already stellar keyboard extensions.

The update also includes some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

iA Writer has been a favorite iPad app for me ever since I first got to know it – I use it frequently on the iPad and the MacBook Pro now.

To go along with this latest update, the app has also had a major price drop this week, down from $4.99 to just $0.99. I’m sure this is for a limited time, so if you’re on the lookout for a great writing app for your iPad, this is a good chance to grab one at a knockdown price.

Here’s an App Store link for iA Writer.

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Sweating the Small Stuff: Keyboard Extensions in iA Writer for iPad


When app developers sweat the small stuff, users are the big winners. Often times a clever ‘little’ feature can greatly improve your experience, and productivity, when using an app.

Here’s a classic example of this – the Keyboard Extensions feature in the excellent iA Writer app for iPad. As shown in the photo above, these are offered as a further row of keys along the top of the on-screen keyboard. They allow you to do things like jump quickly to the beginning or end of the current word (via the word keys) and to type punctuation keys like dashes, colons and semi-colons, quote marks, and more without using shift to switch the keyboard mode.

These may seem a small thing at first, but they’re an enormous time saver when doing a lot of writing. Combined with the fact that this app has an uncannily accurate ability to place the cursor exactly where you want it when you tap within a block of text, this is one of the big reasons that iA Writer is such a pleasure to use.

Here’s an App Store link for iA Writer, in case you’re in need of a great text editor / writing app on your iPad. It has just had a price drop to a real steal of a price, at just $0.99.

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Price Drops: iA Writer for iPad Down to 99 Cents


iA Writer – a gorgeous writing / text editor app for the iPad – has had a price reduction, down to just $0.99. I did a quick review of iA Writer back in September – I was, and remain, very impressed with the app.

Here are just a couple excerpts from its App Store page that give you a feel for the app:

Every element of the user interface has been designed and polished to be easy and clear—no settings, no complicated interactions. Writer doesn’t need long explanations. You’ll be writing your articles, poems and novels in no time.

Your texts will look spectacular in our iPad-optimized writing typography. It has been developped in collaboration with leading typographers and screen designers with the greatest care for detail.

So needless to say that price drop to just $0.99 makes this app quite a steal. There’s no mention of it being a limited time offer, but at that price you may want to grab it sooner rather than later.

Here’s the iA Writer App Store link.

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Price Drops: iA Writer for iPad on Sale for 99 Cents Today Only


iA Writer – the superb writing / note-taking app for the iPad – is on sale for today only at just $0.99. It normally goes for $4.99 (and is worth every penny of that and more) – so this is quite a major discount – in honor of the ‘founder’s birthday’.

Here are some of the notable features of the app:

1. Innovative text focus mode
2. Dropbox synchronization (.txt, UTF-16)
3. Arrow keys
4. Direct punctuation
5. Tap on the name in toolbar to rename
6. Reading time indicator
7. iPad optimized writing typography
8. Do/undo two finger swipe

And here’s my quick look at the app when it first launched: http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-apps/ia-writer-gorgeous-new-writing-app-for-the-ipad

You can find iA Writer in the App Store now – and for today only (January 26, 2011) it is on sale at $0.99.

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Killer iPad App Features: Text Entry Point Selection in iA Writer App Is Best I’ve Ever Seen


iA Writer is an excellent new writing app for the iPad. It boasts a number of strong features, including focus mode, superb typography, keyboard extensions, and sync with Dropbox.

It also has one very small but very nice thing that it gets absolutely right. When you tap to place your cursor somewhere other than your current position in the text (e.g. when you realize you’ve got a typo a couple lines up or need to add a word or two to an earlier paragraph), it has uncanny accuracy. In my usage of it it has nearly a 100% strike rate on getting my cursor exactly where I intended on first tap. I’ve used a large number of note-taking and writing apps on the iPhone and iPad and never seen any that come close to the accuracy of iA Writer in this area.

Again, this is a pretty small feature, but I think it’s also an incredibly handy one, as the need for selecting a specific text entry point crops up often and its amazing accuracy lets you work much faster. I’m not sure what the secret sauce in iA Writer that enables this stunning accuracy (I imagine something to do with its attention to some of the finer details on typography) but whatever it is, great job by the developers!

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iA Writer – Gorgeous New Writing App for the iPad


A beautiful new iPad app from Oliver Reichenstein and Information Architects and designed with the sole purpose of being a top-notch writing environment …

That’s how Shawn Blanc summed up the new iA Writer app for the iPad in his recent post on it which led me to try the app.

I installed iA Writer last night and I’m already very glad I did. It really is a superb app for writing.

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