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Why Doesn’t iMovie on iPad Have Any ‘Open In’ Options?


iMovie on the iPad is an impressive app, a great example of how far off all the ‘it’s just a consumption device’ arguments are. It also has some issues though – or at least some quirks that are taking me a while to figure out. I’ve been using it and getting to know it a bit over the last few days – and there are a few headaches I’ve run into.

I’ll try to do a roundup post on some iMovie issues / questions sometime soon. In the meantime, here’s one of my first ones:

Does iMovie not support the iOS ‘Open In’ feature at all? Or if it does, why is it not offered as a choice anywhere that I can see so far? The screencap above shows a .mov file (a format that iMovie handles) as an email attachment. When I try to use Open In on .mov files on the iPad 2 I get some choices, but none of them are iMovie. And this is a .mov file saved out of QuickTime Player on my MacBook Pro. The same file happily syncs via iTunes and plays in the Videos app on the iPad 2. It can even be added to a project in iMovie *if* I first import it to iPhoto on the desktop and sync with the iPad 2 (more on that soon).

So why no ‘Open In’ option?

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My First Effort with iMovie on the iPad 2

iPad multitasking & rapid app switching demo, edited in iMovie on the iPad Dos.


I’ve been wanting to play around with iMovie on the iPad ever since it was released around 10 days ago. Last night I finally got a chance to give it a little go while also catching up on March Madness a bit on TV. As in, I was trying it out while lazing around on the couch watching hoops.

I just took a video I’d uploaded straight from my iPhone a few months back and added a few bits to it: title and sign-off pages, and a background track mostly. Apologies for my apparent extreme prejudice against the final letter ‘d’ on rapid on the title page. I didn’t notice that until it was too late.

So obviously I didn’t do a whole lot with this – nowhere near as cool as what @rstephens managed with his breaking news video -  but the bits I did I found easy to do without interrupting my couch lounging. I am always a clod with anything involving photo and video, but I have to say I’m impressed with how easy iMovie is to use on the iPad. I’m really looking forward to getting to know it more and using it more.

Have you tried out iMovie on the iPad yet? If so, please let us know what you think of it – and feel free to send in your videos that put my efforts to shame. Smile

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A Tale of iPad 2, iMovie, Citizen Journalism, and Getting Breaking News to CNN in Minutes

Breaking News Video from @rstephens–done with iPhone, CCK, iPad 2 and iMovie


Yesterday Robert Stephens, CTO of Best Buy and founder of Geek Squad, was driving to work when he spotted a huge gas main explosion. Stephens quickly put his iOS devices to work to capture video and still images of the explosion scene. He used his iPhone to film the events, the Camera Connection Kit to transfer his video to his iPad 2, and iMovie to enhance and edit the video. He then fired off the video to YouTube and CNN’s iReport.

Stephens’ video and stills ended up being used by CNN, MSNBC and other major news outlets to accompany their breaking news pieces on the explosion.

A few things about this are very interesting to me. For starters, it’s another strong case study of the iPad – in this case the iPad 2 – as much more than a ‘consumption device’. iMovie played an instrumental role in making Stephens’ footage compelling for the major news agencies – as he used it to edit his footage, add a map of where the explosion occurred and narration to accompany the video, and upload the video to YouTube and iReport.

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