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Oops, Infinidock Does Not Yet Work on the iPad


Looks like I was wrong in my post earlier today saying that the Infinidock jailbreak app works well on the iPad.  Matt was kind enough to point out in the comments on that earlier post that the developer of the app has advised against using it – as you can see from his tweet above.

Apparently it can cause ‘big issues’ – including one that may require file replacement via SSH as the only fix. 

I had the app installed since early last night, through numerous screen orientation changes, and had no issues other than the scrolling one I mentioned in the first post.  Once I saw chpwn’s tweet, I uninstalled the app.

As I’ve said before, the jailbreak scene for the iPad is in its infant stage – so it can be quite hard to figure out which apps are working / not working / failing spectacularly and so on.  My experience with Infinidock was without major issues, but until the dev says otherwise, it is one to be avoided for now.

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Infinidock Works Well on iPad

Infinidock on iPad

Infinidock – the jailbreak app that allows you to place an unlimited number of apps on the iPad (or iPhone) dock, and scroll through them – works quite well on the iPad.  This is one of my very favorite jailbreak apps.  I find it hugely helpful to have lots of frequently used apps on the dock.

I’ve been very shy so far in experimenting with jailbreak apps on the iPad, as the whole jailbreak arena for this device is still in its infancy. I am now beginning to try out a few things though, and I’m very happy to see that Infinidock works.

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