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iOS 14 Beta

Into Every Apple Beta Some Bugs Must Fall

iOS 14 Beta

If you’ve ever run an iOS, iPadOS or watchOS beta on a device that you carry day-to-day, then you’ve probably been burned by some unexpected bugs at some point. This is especially true of the Developer Betas, which are the leading edge of Apple’s updates, and even more so early on in the beta process. It’s part of the deal. This is the price you pay to kick the tires on the cool, new toys.

I say unexpected bugs only because they sometimes just come out of left field and catch you off guard. You should always expect to encounter bumps in the road when running a beta, especially early on in the process. However, no one is immune to being lulled into a sense of complacency with relatively stable operation only to have some random stuff suddenly wreck a device. That was my predicament yesterday.

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