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iOS 5 Is Out Now, Ready to Be Installed on Your iPad


iOS 5 – the much-anticipated latest major update to the iPad and iPhone operating system – has been released by Apple today.

It’s now available to install on your iPad. To update to iOS 5 on your iPad here’s what you need to do:

— Make sure you have iTunes open on your PC.

— Connect your iPad to your PC via its sync cable.

— When you connect the iPad you’ll see a popup letting you know that there is an update available – ‘a new iPad software version (5.0). Click the Cancel button.

— Do a full backup and sync of your iPad with iTunes.

— Disconnect your iPad and then reconnect it. You’ll see the popup again to update to software version 5.0. Click Download and Update and then just follow along with on-screen instructions and status updates.

Update: It looks like iTunes may be forcing a backup as part of the update process for iOS 5, or at least it is on my iPhone 4. I still prefer to have a manual backup and sync before updating, but it looks as is this is now being incorporated into the update process.

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iOS 5 To Be Released on October 12


iOS 5 – the next major update for the iPad (and iPhone) operating system – is going to be released to the public on October 12, next Wednesday.

It will be a free update and of course it includes many impressive new features. Today Apple has released the gold master build to developers – this is generally nearly identical to the final public release.

I’ve been running the developer betas on my iPad and iPad 2 for months now, and I can tell you that the latest beta 7 (prior to today’s gold master release) is rock solid and a pleasure to use.

iOS 5 brings features like AirPlay Mirroring (share everything you do on the iPad 2 to an Apple TV wirelessly) and Notification Center (a much slicker way to handle all your push notifications) and lots more to the iPad. Check out my recent post for a rundown of the best iOS 5 features for iPad.

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iOS 5 Is Coming Soon – Here Are Some of its Best iPad Features


iOS 5 is the next big update to the operating system software for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Apple has announced that it will be released ‘this fall’. As today is the start of fall, and the latest beta of iOS 5 runs beautifully on the iPad, it is widely expected that we’ll see the public release within the next few weeks.

So this seems like a good time to mention some of the best new features you’ll see on the iPad when iOS 5 comes out. I’ve been running all of the iOS 5 developer betas on either my original iPad or the iPad 2 – and the latest beta 7 on my iPad 2 for about three weeks now. These are some of the iOS 5 features I think are the most impressive:

Mutitasking Gestures: These allow you to swipe with four or five fingers to pinch back to the home screen from within any app, swipe up from the bottom of the iPad to reveal the multitasking bar, and to swipe left and right to move between recently used apps.

Tabbed Browsing in Safari: This has been around in some 3rd party browser apps for a while now, but it’s great to see it added to the built-in (and excellent) iPad browser. Safari also has a slick ability with these that I’ve not seen in other apps – tap and drag to move re-order tabs.

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Oh, iOS 5 Doesn’t Clear Apps from Multitasking Bar When You Restart?


Here’s a little something I’ve only just noticed in iOS 5 on my iPad Deux.

It no longer clears the ‘backgrounded’ apps from the Multitasking Bar when you restart the iPad. And yes, yes – I do realize that iOS does not yet have true multitasking and these apps are not really running in the background – just to get that out of the way.

My experience says that despite apps not truly ‘running’ in the background, they are still using up some system resources when left in whatever their less than fully active state is in the Multitasking Bar. They are using up some level of available program memory and draining the battery.

Up to now there have been two ways to manage the number of apps ‘resident’ in the MT bar – by manually quitting each or any desired after a tap and hold in the MT bar, or via a restart of the iPad (or iPhone). A restart could sometimes be the quickest method, if there were a very large number of apps in the MT bar.

And now that no longer seems to be a viable method in at least this (beta 7) version of iOS 5. I’ll keep looking at this, but I’ve tested several times now and found that the same set of apps that were resident in the bar before a restart are all still shown there once the iPad is back up.

‘Shown’ may be an important detail here – as apps do not appear to remember their state after a restart. Even so, if this stays this way on the final release of iOS 5 it will at the very least lead to some major confusion for users – as up to now a restart cleared out the apps shown in the MT bar.

Update: My mistake on this one. This is not new behavior in the iOS 5 betas. I had not noticed that this was already standard in iOS 4.x. Apologies for the oversight.

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Very Welcome New iOS 5 Feature – Create New Photo Albums on the iPad


iOS 5 will bring a number of very nice features to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. One of my early favorites is the ability to create new photo albums on the iPad. I’ve mentioned this one before briefly, but now that I’ve got iOS 5 on my iPad 2 I’m actually putting it to use.

It’s a big help having this long-awaited functionality. I’ve already created albums for wallpapers, Pics of our pets, App review screenshots, and accessory review photos – and I’m sure I’ll be creating more soon for family photos and other subjects.

The one drawback is that you can only copy images to new albums, not move them – so if you really want to streamline the organization of your photos you need to do some manual removal from the source albums that have had images copied out to new albums.

Even so, this is a heck of a nice new feature in iOS 5.

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My iPad 2 – Getting to Know iOS 5


I’ve been running the developer betas of iOS 5 on my original iPad (which is shared by my wife and daughter, but they allow me to use it as test device) for some time now. As the betas have advanced, I had become more and more tempted to run them on my own iPad 2. Last night I took the plunge and got the latest iOS 5 beta 6 installed on it.

So far, my iPad 2 is running just as well as ever and, like me, enjoying iOS 5 quite a lot.

Just in case any of you are planning to jump on board with the iOS 5 betas soon, I thought I’d share my process for moving over to it.

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