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Nice New iOS 5 Features: Create New Photo Albums and Copy Photos Between Albums on iPad


iOS 5 allows users to create new photo albums within the Photos app, and to copy images from one album to another.

This is a new feature in iOS 5 that should make an awful lot of iPad and iPhone users happy:

In the Photos app in iOS 5 you can create a new album – and you can copy photos from one album to another.

You cannot move images from one album to another, only a copy or ‘Add to’ action is allowed. Even so, this makes it possible to do some good organizing of photos right on the iPad.

It’s not perfect yet perhaps, but it’s a whole lot better than having to do everything via desktop apps like iPhoto. This new functionality is working well in the latest iOS 5 betas.

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Cool New iOS 5 Features: Add Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts


Another day, another nice new iOS 5 feature for us to enjoy on the iPad: today’s is the ability to add your own keyboard shortcuts.

In iOS 5 you can add your own keyboard shortcuts via the Settings app, and the Keyboard section of it. These shortcuts are used so that you can just type a few characters quickly to render a commonly used phrase. There’s even a default one added for you – ‘omw’ for ‘On my way’. I added ‘brb’ for Be right back and another one just for my amusement while taking a first look at this new feature.

This is another little feature that’s not earthshaking, but just helps you do things a little faster. There are third party apps around that do similar things, but having this baked right into the operating system will be a step up.

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How To See How Much Space Is Being Used By Each of Your Apps in iOS 5

iOS 5 shows space used by each app

Here’s another very nice new feature in iOS 5 on the iPad that I had not noticed before: you can see how much storage space is being used by each one of your installed apps.

Here’s how to have a look at how much space each installed app is taking up on your iPad:

— Go into the Settings app and tap on General on the left hand pane

— Then tap on Usage on the right hand side – the third option down the page

— Usage will show you how much space is currently available and how much is in use, and then list the ten apps currently using up the most storage space on your iPad (or other iOS device). At the end of the listing there’s a button to tap to show details for all apps.

You can tap on each app to see details on the size of the app itself, and a separate area showing the amount of space being used by documents and data belonging to the app.

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