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iOS 6 Coming Next Week – Here are the Best New Features It Brings to the iPad

iOS 6

Apple has announced that iOS 6 – the next major update to the iPad’s operating system – will be released next Wednesday, September 19. Over the last few months Apple has provided a lot of detail on some of the headline new features coming in iOS 6. I’ve run several of the iOS 6 developer betas on a new iPad 3 and had a chance to take a look at a lot of these new features.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most notable iOS 6 features that should be impressive on the iPad:

New Maps app: Apple is replacing Google Maps with a new in-house developed maps system which which looks quite impressive.

Map elements are vector based, so graphics and text are incredibly detailed — even when you zoom all the way in — and panning is smooth. Tilt and rotate to view an area, and Maps keeps the names of streets and places where they belong. Get visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. Even soar over cityscapes to see the sights from the air in amazing, high-resolution quality.

Facebook Integration: Facebook is integrated throughout iOS 6. With iOS 6 we’ll be able to post photos to Facebook directly from the Camera and Photos apps, post our location directly from the Maps app, and use Siri to post on Facebook, Facebook events will be integrated in the Calendar app and Facebook friends’ profile info will be in Contacts.

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