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iPad Tips: iOS 7 Gesture Guide


Let’s be honest, sometimes it can look a bit weird to the uninitiated outsider when they see you magically waving your fingers in different ways all over your shiny iPad (things look even weirder if you start talking to it via Siri too). However, from a user’s point of view, gestures on the iPad can really speed things up on a productivity level. Here is a guide to all of the major gestures in iOS 7. Practice makes perfect here and the more you use these gestures, the more you will find yourself flying through your iPad.


The five fingered grab

5 finger grab If you are in an app and you want to get back to the home screen quickly, put all five fingers on the screen and ‘grab’ your fingers together to a point. Graphically, you will see the app shrink and then disappear into the home screen.

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How To Get To Spotlight Search in iOS 7

Spotlight Search iOS 7

Here’s a quick, basic tip for those of you who have updated to iOS 7 on your iPads. I’ve seen a good number of people puzzled by this after updating: how to bring up the Spotlight Search bar in iOS 7.

And it’s very easy of course, once you know how. Here’s how you bring up the search bar in iOS 7:

Swipe down from anywhere on any of your home screens. Don’t swipe down from the very top status bar – that will invoke the Notification Center.

That’s it. Spotlight search is just as fast and useful as ever, there’s just a new way to launch it.

Happy searching.

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