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Long Lines Again for iPad 2 Launch Day in 25 Countries Today


The iPad 2 goes on sale at retail stores in 25 countries today, and it looks like long lines will be a feature of the buying process on launch day, just as they were here in the US. BGR has an article up with details on huge lines in Australia and elsewhere, and some people who lined up for days to get an iPad 2.

They’ve also got a video clip showing a very large line at a mall in Toronto, Canada at 9:30 in the morning – more than seven hours before the iPad 2 goes on sale.

For all of you online today, good luck – hope you get one. For those of you who placed online orders, hope they ship to you soon. If you want to share your online or in line experiences today, we’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Via: BGR

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Latest Sad iPad 2 Rumor – First International Launches Possibly Being Pushed Back a Month


The Czech Republic was listed in the group of countries due to get the iPad 2 in the first stage of its international rollout on March 25th. As of today, the Apple page for the iPad 2 in the Czech Republic shows a date of April 25th, a full month later.

It’s not clear yet whether this might be an error on that site, a licensing or legal issue that affects only the Czech Republic, or an indicator that all the March 25 rollouts are in jeopardy.

Given all the various reports on potential components shortages due to the recent catastrophes in Japan – here’s just one example – and the shortage of iPad 2’s here in the US right now, it seems eminently possible that we could see some delays to international rollouts.

Here’s hoping this is a mistake or a single-country issue.

Rumor news via: 9to5Mac

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