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All iPad 2 Models Now Shipping Within 24 Hours in the US


Either Apple has really got iPad 2 production ramped up very nicely or demand for the magical tablet is slowing down – as this week shipping times for all models of the iPad 2 have come all the way down to just 24 hours.

Shipping times for the iPad 2 have been improving steadily over recent months – three weeks ago we posted on how they had come down to 1-3 days.

I’m going to bet that demand is not slowing yet, and that sales may even get more impressive this quarter now that supply is just about matching demand.

If you’re looking to get hold of an iPad 2 for yourself or a friend or family member, now looks like a great time to do so. Here’s Apple’s page for iPad purchasing:


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iPad 2 Supply Finally Catching Up with Demand


It looks like Apple has finally got iPad 2 production and supply ramped up sufficiently to meet demand, at least in the US.

For the first time since the iPad 2 release back in March, shipping times for the device are down to 1-3 days. And that’s for all models – WiFi, WiFi + 3G, and both AT&T and Verizon 3G models.

Very good news for everyone still looking to buy an iPad 2, and for Apple as this should only add to the already stellar sales numbers for the iPad 2.

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iPad 2 Shipping Times Down to Under a Week in the US


It looks like Apple may be gaining a bit of ground in its efforts to match iPad 2 supply to the enormous demand for the device. Shipping times for all iPad 2 models at the US Apple site are down below a week. All the WiFi and WiFi + 3G iPad 2 models are currently listed as shipping in 3-5 days.

Great news for those still in the market for an iPad 2.

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iPad 2 Shipping Times Quicker Again, Down to 1-2 Weeks


More good news today for those of you who are still trying to get an iPad 2: shipping times from Apple for all iPad 2 models are now down to 1-2 weeks.

iPad 2 shipping times have been coming down gradually over recent weeks, as production seems to be catching up with demand. Hopefully they’ll continue in this directions and we’ll see them quoted in days rather than weeks in the not-too-distant future.

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