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Review: Speck SmartShell Case for iPad 2

Speck Smart Shell for iPad2

The Speck SmartShell Case for iPad 2 is a back cover case designed specifically to work with the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2. These cases have an instant appeal for me, because the more time I’ve spent with the iPad 2, the more I’ve come to love the smart cover.

The SmartShell is another ultra-thin, hard case style back cover for the iPad 2, similar to the Incipio SmartFeather for iPad 2 that I reviewed recently. Both of these look to be high quality back cover cases that play very nicely with the iPad 2 smart cover, so I’ve given the SmartShell a try very soon after testing the SmartFeather.

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Review: SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Smart Cover Companion Case for iPad 2


The SwitchEasy CoverBuddy for iPad 2 is intended to act as a perfect companion for the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2.  It’s a back cover case that allows a space on the left hand side to let the smart cover do its thing – and comes in a small range of colors that complement the smart cover colors.

This is a solid and very durable back cover that is protected thusly, depending on which model you order:

… with highly durable color matched rubber coating (color version), or scratch-resistant UV coating (clear version) so your purchase will last longer.

I bought a black model that doesn’t quite match my navy blue smart cover, but is close enough for me to be content with it – though ideally at some point it would be good to see the range of colors extended to match those of the iPad 2 smart covers.

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