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Latest iPad 2 Rumors: Tapered Sides, Flat Back, USB Port, New Side Port


Lots of fun iPad 2 rumors flying round this week. Some of the latest I’ve seen – here and here and here for instance – talk about things like:

  • a USB port
  • a new, mystery port on the left side of the device
  • tapered sides and a flat back ala the iPod Touch
  • a back camera
  • a slightly lighter iPad

I very much like the sound of a little bit lighter iPad – nothing crazy, just a tad less heavy would be nice. I also like the idea of the flat back. A camera or cameras feels like a given to me and the rest of the above doesn’t move me much.

How about you? Any must-haves on that little list? Or any you hate the sound of?

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: iPad 2 to Have Dual-core Processor


An analyst’s note this week says we’ll see a dual-core processor in next year’s iPad 2 model. 

"Apple is on track to refresh the iPad by March and iPhone by late summer. A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores," according to a research note released on Thursday by Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw.

This is one iPad 2 rumor I really (really!) hope is true. A dual-core processor is a major upgrade and should allow for much greater multitasking possibilities and for running more and more powerful apps and games on the iPad. I think dual-core plus an upgrade to 1GB of RAM are virtually a must to keep the iPad on a par with / ahead of rival tablets next year.

Rumor Source: CNET via everythingiCafe

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Apple to Produce 6 Million iPad 2’s a Month


Image Source: taptaptap.com

According to reports this week, Apple is gearing up for the iPad 2 to be an even bigger hit than the first generation – and they’re expected to order the production of 6 million units per month.

If true, that number would be significantly higher than the 4 million per quarter produced for the current iPad, according toDigiTimes. Overseas sources indicated that Apple added two additional touch panel makers, Chimei Innolux and Cando, for production of the "iPad 2."
The two new suppliers are in addition to current suppliers Wintek, Sintek Photronics, and TPK Touch Solutions. The expanded number of partners will reportedly allow Apple to produce even more iPads per month, reaching the 6 million target.

Wow. If the 6 million per month figure is right and they manage to sell that many, that would be over 70 million iPad 2’s sold next year. That’s a huge figure. If Apple gets anywhere close to that next year that would still represent a monster year for the magical tablet.

The rumor’s sources say iPad 2 will start shipping to Apple in January or February (as we’ve seen reported before) so that they can build up stock prior to launch. That should boost sales tremendously in its own right, as this year they took months to catch up with demand for the iPad. The same sources also say that Apple has no plans to produce a smaller (7-inch) iPad.

It seems amazing to me that we’re now just about a month away from an expected announcement of the iPad 2.

Rumor News Via: Apple Insider

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Shipping of iPad 2 (to Apple) to Start Within 100 Days


Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn will begin shipping Apple’s next-generation iPad within the next 100 days, allowing Apple to stock up for an April launch, a new report claims.

That’s a little slice from a report today at Apple Insider. The key thing to note here is that shipments of iPad 2 are going to go to Apple by around the end of February if these reports are correct. That is not saying that the new iPad model would go on sale at that time – just that production would be in motion by then and Apple would be gathering stock, presumably to avoid the supply shortages we saw with the original iPad this year.

This makes a whole lot more sense to me than earlier reports that we would see the iPad 2 hit the market by February.

Here’s a bit more from the Apple Insider report:

After checks with Taiwan-based component makers, industry publication DigiTimes reported Tuesday that Foxconn is set to ship the iPad 2 by the end of February 2011, with initial shipments of 400,000-600,000 units. Tuesday’s report echoes an earlier report from the publication that claimed suppliers would ramp up shipments of iPad 2 components in the first quarter of 2011.

For more details, see the full Apple Insider article HERE.

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My Quick Wish List for iPad 2


Is it too early to start talking about the next iPad model? I’m hoping not, especially as I’ve already seen a few posts on this topic round the web. And we’re really not that far away now from when we would expect to see an announcement of the new model by Apple – i.e in January.

I know lots of people will be hoping for huge, dramatic changes to the magical tablet, but I’m more than happy with what the iPad is right now, and will be quite content if we see only incremental changes and enhancements in the iPad Dos – and I’d be fine if they want to go with that as the name as well. Smile

Here are my very quick, early days thoughts on what I would and would not like to see in the next iPad model:

— I would prefer no major size changes for this second generation – so cases, stands etc still work with new one.

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week– 2 Cameras for iPad 2


Reports this week suggest that iPad 2 will have two cameras – a 5MP main camera and also a VGA camera, making it ready to offer FaceTime support. Oh, and a faster processor too.

This at least is what’s being claimed by investment firm Detweiler Fenton in a note revealed by Barron’s. Thenext generation iPad will also host a faster processor.

Existing iPhone camera supplier, Omnivision, will be supplying image sensors fo the iPad, which will boast two cameras, a 5MP main camera and a VGA camera. This makes it pretty likely it will also support FaceTime video chat.

Sounds good to me. I’d also like to see more RAM in the next iPad. Much more – like an upgrade from its meager 256MB to at least 512MB and hopefully to 1GB. Wonder how Apple will manage adding components while also (presumably/hopefully) maintaining awesome battery life.

News on this rumor via: 9to5Mac

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week – iPad 2 Coming in Q1 2011


Apple’s overseas touch panel and reinforced glass suppliers are said to be preparing for the launch of Apple’s second-generation iPad in the first quarter of 2011.

According to Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes, the suppliers are completing validation for the second-generation iPad, which will maintain the same 9.7-inch screen when it debuts in the first quarter of 2011.

"Component suppliers of iPad are expected to start shipments for the second-generation iPad at the beginning of 2011," the report said.

Well there’s a rumor you’ve gotta love if you’re an iPad fan (unless you bought one yesterday I guess).  I think it’s very obvious by now that a new model will have cameras and FaceTime.  Hopefully we’ll also see a boost to 512MB of RAM at least and some other incremental improvements.

Sign me up for pre-order / launch day pickup whenever the next model comes along. Smile

Via: Apple Insider

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