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Why Does AT&T Automatically Turn on Cellular Data on the iPad Without Telling You? (Updated)

iPad Cellular Data

Update: It looks like Verizon users are seeing the same behavior on the iPad. So this appears to be an iOS issue, rather than a carrier-specific problem. I have submitted a bug report on this to Apple.

Here’s a little feature / bug I’ve just noticed on my new iPad with AT&T 4G cellular data capability:

Every time you go into Settings > Cellular Data and choose to ‘View Account’, even if you cancel out of logging in and actually viewing account details, cellular data is then turned on – without any sort of popup or notification to let you know it’s on. This happens even while you have a perfectly good WiFi connection, so it’s not as if cellular data is required just to connect to AT&T’s servers.

I’ve tested this out several times now and also asked a friend with an iPad 2 to try it, and he gets the same results. On the new iPad LTE is also enabled when this happens. Just to be clear, both the Cellular Data and Enable LTE fields show as On on the Settings page when this occurs – but it took me a long while to notice that as I don’t even think about those fields, or looking at them, when I have not chosen to turn cellular data on or off. It seems to me this could easily lead to unwanted usage of cellular data for many users.

This initially seemed like a little bug to me. It doesn’t seem right for cellular data to be turned on automatically without a little alert or popup to let you know it’s been turned on in order to view your account – but I spoke to AT&T technical support and they state that this is ‘just how it works’. They say that a cellular data connection is required in order to view your account details. I asked why the connection isn’t turned back off when you’re finished viewing your account – and again the response was that ‘this is just how it works’.

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How To Swap Your 3G Data Plan from Your Original iPad to Your iPad 2


If you’ve got yourself a new 3G model of the iPad 2 this weekend and haven’t yet got rid of of your original 3G iPad, you can pull the Micro SIM card right out of you first gen iPad and slot it into your new iPad 2, to continue with whatever your current data plan is.

The Micro SIM is the little card that sits in a slot you may never have noticed on your 3G iPad and is used by AT&T to configure cellular data services on the device.

Hit the break for some quick tips on how to swap over your 3G data plan and Micro SIM from the V1 iPad to the iPad 2 …

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Now You Can Manage Your iPad 3G Data Online


AT&T has announced that iPad 3G users can now manage data plans on any web browser. Before this new initiative you could only setup and manage iPad 3G cellular data plans on the device itself – and I can definitely say from first-hand experience that this can be more than a little flaky at times. I’ve had numerous occasions where I try to view my account or work with it on the iPad and I just get server errors and the pages fail to load, when web and email and all other connectivity on the iPad is going fine.

This is a handy new feature from AT&T, and might be especially useful if you are unfortunate enough to lose your iPad 3G.

To manage your iPad 3G cellular data, you just go to AT&T’s page for it here and click on the ‘Add data now’ button on the middle-right of the page: http://www.att.com/ipad.

News Via: 9to5Mac

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Brewery, Piss-up, AT&T, Organize, Couldn’t


Image Source: bestfunnystuff.com

‘He couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery’. That’s one of my favorite cut-down lines I learned during my time in the UK. And one that often applies very nicely to AT&T. Over the last couple of days I’ve seen a shining example of this; though to be fair also a good example of their strong customer service.

First the inability to organize piss-ups in breweries. Through an odd series of events this month, I ended up with two iPad 3G models, and ended up giving a special deal to a good friend and work colleague, who ended up with my ‘old’ iPad 3G. I already had a new 3G model and had already setup my AT&T cellular data account on it, and when trying to cancel the plan on the old device (that was going to my friend) it always crashed at the AT&T side when attempting it.  So we agreed he would call AT&T and ask them to remove my plan from that other iPad – just remove the plan from that device, and setup his own new data plan. He did just that yesterday.

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New iPad 3G in the House


I’ve been wanting to switch up to an iPad 3G just about ever since they first came out.  With all the supply problems and long shipping waits on them over recent months, I’ve just never managed to get my timing right for acquiring one.

Today I finally managed to grab one at my local Apple Store.  So I’m a happy new iPad 3G owner, and my wife and daughter are very happy to be taking over my WiFi only model.  So we’ve now got every generation of the iPhone and both iPad models in residence. 

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The BookGem- A Versatile, Lightweight, and Inexpensive Stand for the iPad

I am a notorious stickler when it comes to accessories for my beloved gadgets. I demand utility and versatility worthy of whatever price I am paying. After a few years of owning the various versions of the iPhone, I have developed a pretty strong feel for what I need and what I like as far as cases, chargers, car cradles, and the like go. However, when I got my iPad, I found myself on new and unsteady ground again. There are just so many cases, screen protectors, stands, and combinations of the three, that it is very easy to get lost in all of the reviews and ads. I was pretty lucky, as I ended up very happy with all but one of my purchases, and thankfully that one was fairly inexpensive. Here is a list of what I got:

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Recommended: iLounge Reviews the iPad 3G, Says AT&T Is Letting Down The Side


iLounge has done a great, detailed review of the new iPad WiFi + 3G.  Although they give the device an overall rating of B+ and recommend it, they make it clear that AT&T is letting down the side, or as the label of one section of the review reads:

Harsh Reality: AT&T Still Sucks, And Its $15 Data Plan Is Awful

They are not impressed with the 3G speeds they saw in testing in four separate US states, which they found did not live up to their ‘superfast’ billing. 

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Uh-oh – AT&T Not Allowing Some iPad Apps to Stream Video Over 3G?


It appears that Apple/AT&T are blocking some video apps like ABC entirely, while downscaling other videos, like Apple trailers significantly.  It isn’t certain yet whether this is a result of their HTTP Streaming going over smaller pipes or an intentional effort because of licensing restrictions. (3G could be considered broadcast)

That doesn’t sound good.  Anyone with an iPad 3G seeing this?  What is your video streaming experience so far?

Source: iLounge via 9to5Mac

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Happy Friday and 3G iPad Day

3G iPad

So today is The Day.  Or The Day Part 2.  It’s another iPad launch day – this time for the lovely new iPad WiFi + 3G models.

I’ve already seen quite a few tweets saying new iPads have arrived.  I hope if you’re waiting on Fedex, that they arrive soon.  Or if you’re waiting to visit a store later to pick one up, I hope the remaining few hours pass quickly for you.  Maybe spend some time checking our some of our iPad app reviews, iPad tips, or use cases.

We’ll be posting some more ‘starter’ type tips soon as well. 

If you do grab a new iPad today, share your first impressions and thoughts in the comments.

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Best Buy Will Have iPad 3G Models This Friday


Steve Jobs is on the job again, answering customer questions.  In this case, confirming that Best Buy outlets will have iPad WiFi + 3G models available on the April 30th release day for them.

If you have local Best Buy this may be good news – though on the original launch day I believe they had very light stocks – around 15 per outlet, 5 of each size (16/32/64GB).  So if you’re planning to acquire one at a Best Buy outlet, you may want to get there very early.

Via: 9to5Mac

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