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iPad and iOS 5 Tips – How To Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Safari


Tabbed browsing in Safari is one of the many new features that iOS 5 has brought to the iPad. Many users who are fond of tabbed browsing in their desktop browsers are happy to see this feature come to the iPad’s built-in browser. Others – I’ve recently discovered – are not at all happy about the change.

One very handy feature when using tabs in Safari on the iPad, that I’ve only just learned about, is the ability to quickly reopen recently closed tabs. To do so, all you you need to do is tap and hold on the + button for a new tab. When you do, you’ll see a list of the tabs you most recently closed – and can restore them with a single tap.

I’m a big fan of tabbed browsing – so this is a feature that will get lots of use on my iPad 2. I hope it’s helpful for some of you as well.

I spotted this tip via Right Now in Tech.

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iPad and iOS 5 Tips: How To Turn on AirPlay Mirroring on the iPad 2


AirPlay Mirroring is one of the coolest new features in iOS 5 for the iPad 2. It allows you to stream everything that happens on your iPad 2 wirelessly to an HDTV via Apple TV (2nd gen only).

When it’s turned on everything you do on the iPad, regardless of what app you’re in or what you’re doing, is mirrored to the TV screen – hence the name. It can be used to take your iPad gaming to a whole new level (check out Real Racing 2 HD to see a game that fully exploits this), to show a slideshow of favorite photos, to be able to walk around a room while running a presentation from the iPad 2, or for any number of similar purposes.

Here’s what you need to do to turn on AirPlay Mirroring on your iPad 2:

— Have iOS 5 installed on your iPad 2

— Make sure your Apple TV software is up-to-date. You can check for updates on the Apple TV by going to Settings > General > Update Software.

— Have your TV turned with Apple TV active and showing.

— Double-tap the home button on the iPad to bring up the Multitasking Bar.

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