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iPad at Work: Helping the NFL Diagnose Head Injuries

Helmet and Brain

Image Source: http://deadspin.com/nfl-concussions/

Over the last couple of years the iPad has made a big impact in the NFL – being adopted by numerous teams to use as their playbook, and for scouting and a variety of other purposes.

Now the iPad will have a new, and perhaps most important, use in helping teams quickly diagnose head injuries – as Apple Insider reports:

The NFL will be providing each team with an iPad application designed to help teams diagnose whether one of their players has suffered concussion almost immediately following impact, ESPN reported on Saturday. … Prior to the start of the season, and at different intervals throughout the season, the system will be used on players to perform a number of tests in order to establish a baseline score. In the event of a possible concussion, team doctors will use the app to evaluate players, and the app will compare their post-hit results against their established baselines. A large discrepancy could indicate that the player has suffered a concussion, and the protocols for such an injury would go into effect.

Concussions and head injuries in the NFL have become a very hot topic in recent years, and rightfully so. It’s great to see iPads being used for this purpose and to see the NFL using technology in their efforts to better protect players.

Once again, not a bad bit of work for the ‘only for consumption’ tablet. :)

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iPad at Work: for BMW Showroom Geniuses

BMW Geniuses with iPads

We’ve seen a number of case studies of the iPad in use in retail stores to enhance the customer experience and increase sales. Now the iPad is set to feature in another blue-chip retail environment: BMW showrooms – as Advertising Age reports:

Inspired by Apple retail stores, BMW is requiring dealers to hire young, tech-savvy employees to handle questions about its vehicles on the showroom floor.

The “BMW Genius Everywhere” program is slated to go nationwide in about a year, with specially trained employees — many of them college students — patrolling dealerships with iPads in hand. The BMW “geniuses” will be available to inform shoppers about vehicles and features, but they will not sell cars.

The BMW Geniuses are not salesman, and are paid a salary only – no commission on sales. Instead their approach is said to be similar to that of Genius staff in Apple retail stores – so they act as sort of product ‘explainers and troubleshooters’ – answering questions and offering free technical support.

This program was successfully trialed in the UK last year, is rolling out across Europe now, and is set to start in the US later in 2013.

Quite a nice bit of work for a tablet that’s supposedly ‘only for consumption’ I’d say. Shocking that BMW didn’t want to go with those tablets with the clicky clicky keyboards and the dancers.

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iPad at Work: As the Indianapolis Colts’ Playbook

Ryan Fannin, the Colts’ director of football information systems

It looks like the iPad has gained quite a bit of momentum in the NFL this year. There are now more than a dozen NFL teams using the iPad – and many of them are using it to replace traditional playbooks. As Biztech Magazine reports, one of the teams that has adopted the iPad this year is the Indianapolis Colts.

Along with Chuck Pagano, their new coach this year, and Andrew Luck, their new franchise quarterback, the team has now replaced their printed playbooks with iPads, which they believe gives them a competitive edge.

Back in March the Colts bought 120 iPads for their 90 players and 20 coaches – with 10 to be used as spares. They chose 64GB WiFi only iPad 3s as their standard.

“Pagano feels it’s a competitive advantage to give players all the information at their fingertips and for them to learn in a way they have grown accustomed to,” says Ryan Fannin, the Colts’ director of football information systems. “It’s not about pen and paper anymore. We are able to tie a video with a diagram of a play. It helps players learn, and it’s a huge benefit for the team.”

It’s definitely been a hugely successful season for the Colts. They’ve gone from a 2-14 disaster last year to 10 wins and a playoff berth this season. Great job iPad – though I suppose Luck and Pagano and a few of those other Colts players and coaches may have had a little something to do with the success as well. :)

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iPad at Work: for The New York Times’ Nick Bilton, as a Hand-held Darkroom

iPad as Dark Room

Image Credit: Nick Bilton / The New York Times

Here’s yet another way that the iPad proves its mettle as so much more than just a ‘consumption’ device. Nick Bilton of The New York Times has done a great piece on how he uses the iPad as a hand-held darkroom.

Bilton has been passionate about photography for many years and once had a darkroom in a corner of his living room. Now the iPad has taken on a primary role in his photographic efforts.

I have since retired most of my film cameras. Now, my camera bag is all digital, and my darkroom is 7 inches wide and 9.5 inches long: an AppleiPad.

The chemicals I once used have been replaced by a tiny, white USB connector that allows me to transfer my photos from any digital camera into the iPad in a matter of seconds.

I’ve told friends and colleagues for a long while now that I do much more photo editing on the iPad than on my MacBook Pro. I love the number of superb photo editing and photo effects apps that are available for the iPad, and how many of them manage to combine a wealth of powerful features with beautiful, easy to use interfaces.

Check out Bilton’s New York Times article for the whole story on how he uses the iPad as a darkroom.

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iPad at Work: For Barclays Bank in the UK


Barclays Bank – one of the UK’s leading banks – has purchased 8,500 iPads. As The Channel reports, this is thought to be one of the largest rollouts of any tablet device in the UK financial sector.

According to a Barclays PR person one of the reasons for selecting the iPad was staff demand. The iPads will be put to use in Barclays branches to “interact with customers, improving the customer experience”.  The bank is starting to use them throughout their UK branches and will be running a custom designed app for the iPad called Mortgage Brain.

So iPad momentum keeps on growing in the financial sector, healthcare, education, in local, state, and national governments, with commercial airlines, professional sports teams, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not bad for a device that Microsoft says is just for playing game and watching movies on.

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iPad at Work: Replacing Laptops in the Texas Legislature

Texas Legislature iPad

Photo Credit: Ricardo B. Brazziel

The Texas Legislature is replacing laptops with iPads for the new session that starts in early January of next year. As my hometown newspaper – the Austin American-Statesman – reports,

.Each lawmaker’s office in the Capitol will be offered two iPads for the session that begins Jan. 8. Each committee will get one, too. And the Legislature’s website has been upgraded to be readable on mobile devices for members of the public wishing to track legislation or find out about where and when committees are meeting.

The Statesman article quotes Chris Griesel, House parliamentarian (shown above) on some of the key reasons why the iPad is being adopted. These include:

— It’s viewed as a natural progressive step in the legislature’s technological development. Over the years they’ve gone from mainframe computers to desktops to laptops. “And now, Griesel said, it’s all about iPads and mobile computing.” Hello, Post-PC era.

— Members have made clear their preference for the iPad – with growing numbers of them choosing to use their personal iPads instead of state-issued laptops over the last couple of years.

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iPad at Work: Helping Run Britain

UK PM and iPad

We’ve known for a long while that David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, is an iPad user. This week, thanks to a report in The Guardian, we’ve learned that the PM is now using a custom web app on his iPad to keep up with some essential information.

The app is known as the ‘No 10 Dashboard’ (alluding to Number 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence) – and offers live data on several key areas for the PM to stay abreast of. The app provides:

up-to-the minute data about the UK’s economic and financial health, including GDP, bank lending, jobs and property data, as well as polling data and Twitter feeds.

It looks as if a lot of focus has been given to how the live data is presented as well:

One person who has seen it describes its appearance as “like a cross between the data.gov.uk site and the [iPad-based] Flipboard app”.

The app is likely web-based so that is is easier for it to comply with UK government security standards. It’s good to see the PM, like our own President, is a tech-savvy guy who makes good use of an iPad at work.

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iPad at Work: Replacing Cash Registers at Urban Outfitters

iPad at Work at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, the popular retail fashion chain, is ditching cash registers and replacing them with iPads. They’ll also be equipping their sales people with iPod Touches.

As Business Insider reports, their CIO is bullish about the switch to iPads:.

iPads, he explained, cost about 1/5th as much as a cash register, and can be used for so much. As shown in the picture, they can be turned towards the customer, who can view content, put in personal information, use it as a gift registry and so forth.

What’s more, it makes a lot more sense from a space usage standpoint. An iPad on a swivel that’s not in use can quickly be taken off, with that space being used for packing or more merchandising or anything else.

This is another fine example of how the iPad is used as far more than just a ‘consumption’ device, as Microsoft always seems to want to portray it. Back in August we learned that AT&T is rolling out iPads as primary point of sale devices in their retail stores, and I see other similar reports quite often – so this now looks like something of a growing trend in retail.

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Cool Things: Project Hope Video on How the iPad Spreads Hope

Project HOPE sends volunteer physicians, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists and others. to a number of countries around the world. This commercial came out of a larger documentary film series – the director asked volunteers what they brought with them on missions (which can last weeks or months on end). Many volunteers told us that the first thing they pack is their iPad.

Project HOPE told me a little more on this:

While many of them used it for the reasons you’d expect (looking up medical information, reading and communicating on the Navy hospital ships they travel aboard, etc.), Dr. Braner (shown in the “commercial”) pointed out an amazing use no one saw coming. He and other volunteers often travel on humanitarian missions in remote and impoverished regions. The patients they treat – especially the children – have often never seen the Apple logo before, let alone an iPad. The children are also frequently extremely sick and scared (understandably, having lacked even basic medical care in many cases). Dr. Braner talked about how amazed and drawn-in the children are when he takes the iPad out and lets them try it for themselves. They are quickly mesmerized, and no longer scared. Dr. Braner likes to snap a photo of the patients and show it to them on the iPad’s screen. He got emotional talking about how blown away the children were, and how this simple little trick can instantly build trust with the patients, letting Dr. Braner treat them more effectively.

Great stuff.

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iPad at Work: Great Video from the US Air Force Electronic Flight Bag Team

iPad and US Air Force

The US Air Force team in charge of selecting and deploying the iPad as an electronic flight bag has produced a great video showing a number of key elements in their process, and highlighting a number of huge benefits that come with the switch to iPads.

It’s a fascinating look at all that went into the choice to go with the iPad. The sheer number of different teams from within the Air Force and external advisors working together on the project is impressive in its own right. The hurdles they had to overcome are also impressive.

Here are a few of the most striking points that caught my eye in the video:

— The project met the president’s 2011 executive order to use electronic devices to improve efficiency and reduce printing costs.

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iPad at Work: for the Duke Men’s Basketball Team


Image Source: SBNation.com

The Duke men’s basketball team is replacing notebook and printed scouting reports with iPads for the 2012-13 season. As GoDuke.com reports, they’ll be using 64GB models of the new iPad 3, and they’re said to be the first college basketball program to make the move to iPads.

“The Duke basketball program is always trying to equip our players and staff with the very best resources, and the introduction of the iPads is another step in that direction,” said associate head coach Steve Wojciechowski. “This new technology will help all of us work more efficiently and productively, while communicating at a higher level. We are very excited to involve the iPads in our day-to-day operations, evaluating our scouting, video analysis, schedule and game preparation.”

Here are some of the things that Duke will be using the iPads:

Each iPad will include practice schedules, weekly itineraries, scouting reports, game and practice statistics as well as an extensive library of videos (practices, games, opponents and player specific video edits). The Duke players and coaches will also have the ability to take notes on the devices during film breakdown and on scouting reports.

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