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Current State of iPad Competitors – There Are None


A few recently released sets of numbers highlight the current state of play for iPad competition – and it really looks like there still is none.

First off, Apple 2.0 cites some comparative sales numbers for iPad vs. all the rest (emphasis mine):

Apple doesn’t break out U.S.-only sales figures, but in the last 9 months it sold more than 25 million iPads and took in $15.75 billion.

In the first 10 months of 2011 the iPad also-rans sold a total of 1.2 million tablets in the U.S. and took in only $415 million in retail revenue.

25 million iPad sold vs. just over a million sold by everyone else. That’s incredible. It’s even more striking when you learn that out of all the rest the biggest seller was the HP TouchPad, now discontinued and with its sales numbers inflated by all the fire sale deals over recent months.

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iPad Rivals This Year: The Year of the Copycats, or The Clueless?


When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2 he talked about 2011 being the Year of the iPad, and also the Year of the copycats. Looking at the iPad rivals that have come out so far, I think maybe that second one should be the Year of the Clueless.

This is certainly the year where competition for the iPad is supposed to increase dramatically – with dozens of new tablets hitting the market. A number have already been released and so far the new wave of supposed iPad rivals is proving pretty lame and pretty clueless. Here are just a few examples of this:

— Many rival tablets run either versions of Android not designed at all for tablet devices, a version of Android that was supposed to be the one for tablets but that Google has pulled back because it’s not ready for prime time, or versions of Windows 7 – which is a million miles away from being a tablet operating system. Score one for user experience here eh?

— One big-name tablet came out alongside trash-talking marketing campaigns touting the ‘first professional grade tablet’ and then forgot to include a native email, contacts, or calendar app.

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