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Review: Crosswords for iPad

Crosswords iPad app

Crosswords brings you a great, and continuously updated, selection of crossword puzzles to solve on your iPad.  It’s actually a ‘universal’ app – meaning that a single version of it supports the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

I’ve tried out Crosswords on the iPhone a long while back and it was a solid game – but I was hoping for more on the iPad, for something closer to the feeling of doing a crossword in an actual newspaper.

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iPad Apps I Want to See: Crosswords

Crossword iPhone app

I’m a pretty lame sort of non-gamer on the iPhone (or PCs or any other platform).  Not one for fast-paced, shootery action type games.  I tend to like lots of word games, a few sports games, and a few real-time strategy titles.

Another type of game I enjoy is crossword puzzles.  I’ve tried several different crossword apps on the iPhone but never found one that felt comfortable or compelling to use on that smaller screen, or that offered easy to get and regularly refreshed content.  Too many years of doing them in newspapers may have spoiled me or set the bar too high for any iPhone app.

The iPad should be a whole different story though.  It is perfectly sized for many activities, and I think doing crossword puzzles is one of them.  I know, crosswords don’t quite have the wow factor of some of the other great things that can be done with the iPad’s lovely big screen – but I think doing them on an iPad will be great fun and will hopefully come close to matching the experience of doing one in a newspaper.  Or maybe one or more of the newspapers bringing their titles to the iPad will even give this area some love and attention.

What do you all think?  Any other crossword fans reading here?

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