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$20 Per Month for 1GB is My iPad Data Plan Sweet Spot

My 32GB Air is my first taste of what a cellular iPad is like, and I’m really enjoying the freedom that comes with being able to use the iPad anywhere. I actually have a 6GB smartphone plan that allows me to tether, but the Personal Hotspot on iOS just isn’t that convenient to use, so I decided to sign up for a month-to-month iPad data plan with Rogers (which offers the fastest LTE speeds in Toronto). Unfortunately, the way that Rogers’ tablet plans are tiered just doesn’t work for me.

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How To Stop Your iPad Data Plan from Auto-renewing

iPad Cellular Data Account login

iPad cellular data plans – whether they’re 3G or the latest 4G and LTE – are set to auto-renew once you have set them up. You should receive regular email notices reminding you that your plan has been renewed each month.

One question I’ve seen a number of iPad users ask recently is how to stop the data plan from auto-renewing. It’s easy to do and can be done on the iPad with no need to call your cellular carrier. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app and tap on Cellular Data in the left sidebar

— Tap on View Account on the Cellular Data screen

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Apple Hiring a Verizon iPad System Engineer


Apple is looking to hire a ‘Verizon iPad System Engineer’. This seems like pretty good confirmation that next year’s iPad 2 will support Verizon’s wireless network without the need for a separate personal WiFi router. 9to5Mac’s take:

Apple is building a version of the iPad 2 that will work on Verizon’s wireless network either in conjunction with GSM networks with a Gobi-like Chip (just like the Google ChomeOS CR-48) or as a seperate product/version.

Having the choice of Verizon or AT&T for iPad 3G/4G data will be yet another selling point for the device next year.

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More Details on Verizon Data Plans for iPad


A day after the initial announcement that Verizon will be selling iPads starting in late October, we now have a lot more detail on data plan options for the iPad with Verizon.

Verizon has provided more detailed information on the MiFi 2200 rates and data plans it intends to offer customers alongside the Apple tablet when it goes on sale at company stores beginning October 28th.

In addition to the 1GB data plan for $20 per month announced earlier, Verizon now says it will also offer a 3GB plan for $35 and a 5GB plan for $50. Those rates are available at steep discounts to the wireless carrier’s typical offerings, which cost $35 for 250MB and $60 for 5GB.

There is one catch: customers must purchase a WiFi iPad and Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot together as a bundle to get the discounted data plan prices. Even customers who already own a MiFi 2200 but don’t own an iPad aren’t eligible for the rates should they choose to buy an iPad from Verizon, according to a set of frequently asked questions.

For more details on Verizon’s iPad data plans, including how they’re handling overages, check out Apple Insider’s post HERE.

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AT&T – Details on iPad 3G Data Plans


AT&T has put out a PDF document outlining details of its data plan pricing for the iPad WiFi + 3G.

There’s not much that we didn’t already know in the document, but one point Gizmodo picked up on is that you’ll have free access to AT&T’s 20,000 plus WiFI hotspots while you’ve got a data plan active.

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