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iPad Has an External Button for Screen Rotation Lock



The iPad has an external button for screen rotation lock – just above the Volume up/down controls. This is one of quite a few interesting new things we learned yesterday about the iPad, as Apple revealed more about the device when pre-orders went live.

It’s a very handy addition that should make for much more comfortable reading and help gamers out a fair bit as well.

Were any of you hoping for any other new buttons on the iPad?

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iPad Tech Specs: External Buttons & Controls


As part of our iPad Basics coverage, it would be useful to lay out the tech specs of the device.  You can of course go to this Apple page to review them all, but I figured it might be useful to share them in more bit-sized chunks, as there are a lot of them.

So here are the details on the iPad’s external buttons and controls, as well as Input an output:

As you can see in the screencap above, the iPad’s external buttons / controls are the same as those on the iPhone.  That’s fine by me, I’ve never hankered after any additional buttons on my iPhone.

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