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NFL 11 for iPad – NFL’s Official App Is a Fumble Waiting to Be Recovered


NFL 11 for iPad is ‘the new official iPad app of the National Football League’. And it’s boring as hell.

The screencap above is one of the most exciting screens in the app, and as you can see it’s not too eNFL11foriPadxciting at all. It’s a rundown of the latest results from Week 4 of the NFL pre-season.

There’s just not a lot more to the app right now either. There’s an ugly-looking NFL News section, the schedule for the 2011 season, and very little else. In fact, here’s the closest thing to a listing of features on the App Store page for NFL 11:

– Check out the upcoming 2011 schedule
– Filter your favorite team’s news so you can stay up-to-date on all offseason developments.

The app itself is as poor as that sounds. There’s no live video or audio of games, there are no video highlights from games. There’s no video at all in the app, and no gallery of any kind. The App Store page says there is ‘much more to come’ via updates – but even if there is, this feels very much like a ‘why did you bother’ sort of effort from the NFL, especially when compared to the excellent MLB At Bat apps for iPad and iPhone.

NFL teams may be getting to grips with the iPad, but the league itself isn’t near there yet.

Here’s an App Store link for NFL 11 for iPad; it’s a free app.

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Tracking Football Stats on the iPad–There’s an App for That


Rapidstats Football is an app that is built for keeping football team stats on the iPad.  It is said to be ‘field tested’ and its developers believe the iPad is the perfect device for keeping up with team stats.

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