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Cat Games: That’s Right, It’s an iPad App for Your Cat


Has your cat got two dollars laying around that he just can’t figure out a way to spend? Here’s a good option for him: Cat Games for iPad. Yes, it’s an iPad game designed for the amusement of your cat.

Stimulate your cat with these cat games on your iPad. Watch your cat try to grab fish, foil balls, bugs, strings, mice, and lasers. Cats in particular "indoor" cats crave stimulation of their hunting instincts. For the price of a cheap catnip based toy you can have an app that will entertain your cat for long into the future.

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4 Out of 5 Cats Surveyed Recommend the iPad

OK, sorry about the post title – nobody has yet done a survey asking cats about their preferred tablet device. But … Purina has apparently done some similar study work; as their promo video for their new Games for Cats on iPad and Android mentions that the games are based on …

research of cats’ senses and how they react to different stimuli.

My own research on that same subject indicates that cats can get all kinds of Crazy Loco with just about anything that you move around or dangle anywhere near them enticingly, or even not enticingly at all. For those of you who have cats that are bored with the same old cat toys and laser pens, the sort of cats who need to get their play on with a state-of-the-art tablet device, these games may be just the ticket.

I’m having a hard enough time convincing our kitten that neither my head nor the iPad 2 are super-cool things to lick; I’m not feeling like he needs more iPad focused stimuli just now.

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