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How To Setup Google Contact Sync on the iPad

Google Contacts

Google has made some changes this year to how Google Contacts sync with iOS devices. For years I had just setup Google Sync as an Exchange account in Settings on the iPad and iPhone and it has worked beautifully for me. It had been especially good whenever I got a new iPad or iPhone – as all I had to do was setup that account and within less than a minute all my Contacts info was up-to-date.

Unfortunately, Google recently shutdown their Google Sync service – but luckily it is still easy to use Google to sync contacts on the iPad and iOS devices. Here’s how you do it:

*** Before embarking on this it is of course a good idea to make sure you backup your existing contacts. This can be done via iCloud or iTunes backup or whatever method works for the service or app you use for your contacts information. You should also note this detail about the CardDav sync method used here:

Syncing via CardDAV is only available over SSL for Apple devices on iOS version 5.0 and above.

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