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The iPad Has 256MB of RAM

iPad Teardown

The lovely folks over at iFixit have continued to rip apart and desecrate the iPad over this launch weekend.  One of the biggest new finds is the amount of RAM the iPad has. It’s got 256MB – the same as the iPhone 3GS.

Yes, the K4X2 is a Samsung DRAM part number!
Decoding the part number shows there is 2Gb of memory inside. This translates into ~128MB of memory per die, for 256 MB total. (NOT 512MB, as we previously reported.)

They’ve uncovered lots more fascinating details on what’s inside the iPad.  If you can handle the sight of an opened up, mutilated, not so magical and revolutionary anymore iPad – then head over here to take it all in:


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New iPad Hardware Details – iFixit’s Teardown


Ha! 30 seconds after I posted my quick, not-much-of-a-hardware-guy iPad hardware first impressions, I got an email from the kind folks at iFixit – with lovely details of their iPad dissecting efforts.

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