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Cool Things: ‘iPad Widow’ Song Video Filmed Entirely on an iPad

iPad Widow song video

Here’s a song and a video that should resonate with lots of significant others out there who feel spurned while their partners are obsessed with the iPad. It’s a catchy little tune, a fun video, and filmed entirely on an iPad.

My thanks to Sarah for letting me know about it on Twitter. Here are the credits for it:

Filmed entirely on the Apple iPad. Song written and performed by Sarah-Louise Young and Michael Roulston. Filmed and edited by Rob Rackstraw, Gabrielle Motola and Matt Gosden. Starring Rob Rackstraw as iPad Man and Sarah-Louise Young as The Widow. For more original songs and videos from Sarah-Louise Young & Michael Roulston please visit their other You Tube channel ‘SarahLouiseYoung1975’

Check out the video below:

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