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Notable New iBooks – Hamlet: The Shakesperience

Hamlet The Shakesperience iBook

I do a ton of reading on the iPad these days, and though I use a number of different eBook readers, iBooks has gradually become my favorite – mostly because of its lovely vertical scrolling feature.

Because I am spending more and more time in the iBookstore I have started occasionally sharing a notable new iBook that’s caught my attention. Today’s entry in that area is Hamlet: The Shakesperience. I can’t say I’ve ever been a keen student of Shakespeare, but a few of his works did draw me in – and Hamlet is certainly one of those. So this book (and its clever title) caught my eye. I installed it last night and have spent a little time with it – and it looks like a fantastic title for students and teachers.

Here are some of its notable features highlighted on its iBookstore page:

— Remarkable photos and illustrations that help to provide an interactive Shakespeare experience

— Performance Audio: audio of some of the great performances of Hamlet embedded within the scenes. These include Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir John Gielgud, and Sir Derek Jacobi – who also provides introduction audio clips for each of the acts of the play.

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