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Recommended: FAQ on Canadians Buying iPads in the USA


The iPad in Canada site has a great FAQ post up, covering lots of good questions on Canadians looking to buy an iPad in the US.  A huge help right now I imagine, with that extra month delay on the international release.  Just a quick excerpt to give you a flavor for the info they’ve got:

Can I use my Canadian credit card at US Apple Stores?
– Yes. Expect to pay your credit card’s USD exchange rate. But right now, you’re sitting pretty with our strong CDN dollar!

Will my USA iPad one year warranty still be valid in Canada?
– Yes, when the iPad is finally launched in Canada. Any warranty issues prior to the Canadian launch, will have to be serviced in the USA.

Check out the full post here:


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Lovely iPad Rumors: April 24th Canadian & Global Launch


Lots of rumors buzzing round over the last day or so that the iPad will launch in Canada – and also other countries that are part of its international launch – on April 24th.

If these prove true, that’s good stuff – it would be very nice to see the iPad start to go global much faster than the original iPhone did.

Via: 9to5Mac

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