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Recommended: 10 reasons the iPad is an awesome tool for classrooms and education

iPad on student desktop

I read a great article the other day on iPads in the classroom, over at iSource. The title, as mentioned above is ‘10 Reasons the iPad is an awesome tool for classrooms and education’. It’s written by a guy who would know, Brad Gurgel,since he serves as a principal and teacher at a school that has adopted iPads on a 1:1 device to student ratio.

Some of you may remember Brad did one of our What’s on Your iPad posts with me last year.

I won’t give away too much of Brad’s Top 10, but I will share my favorite reason on his list:

5 – Extremely Affordable, Well-Polished Software

Once the iPads are purchased, they can be filled with high quality educational software without spending another dime! Thousands of effective and fun educational apps are available for free.  Even the apps developed by professional software companies rarely cost more than a dollar or two.  For the price of just one typical computer software package, often ten or more apps can be purchased for the iPads.  A special volume purchasing program is available through Apple that offers special discounts to schools on many apps that cost money.

All his reasons make sense, but this one hits home the most for me, as I see it in action every day with my 9 year old daughter and her iPad at home and with shared iPads in her elementary school classes.

Check out Brad’s full post for a great read and the rest of those 10 reasons.

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